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How F1000s Boost Software's 'Business Value'

In 2005, IT architects and devs will focus more on how to build 'business value' into their software, says a managing director for ThoughtWorks, a leading SOA services and consulting firm. See how execs at F1000 firms are combining SOA, agile and even Open Source to tune software to business needs.

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Solaris 10 Lift-off Event Set for Nov. 15

The countdown to Solaris 10, and notably Sun's first Open Source release of its core operating system, has officially begun. Sun execs confirm formal briefings on Solaris 10 will be held Nov. 15. In the meantime, Integration Developer News gets the latest insights from Jack O'Brien, Sun's Group Manager, x86 and Operating Systems.

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Download: .NET Devs' Latest Free, Open IDE

Microsoft .NET devs can now download a free and Open Source IDE for code creation, testing, auto-insertion, XML previews, and debugging. It even come with an implementation of Windows Forms. Get the latest download and details on how the #develop IDE project may change the nature of .NET development.

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Hands-On: Is JBoss Ready for Your Enterprise?

It's been only a month since JBoss, the Open Source J2EE app server, received its full J2EE certification from Sun. Now, in the first detailed, hands-on review of JBoss offerings -- including technologies, service and documentation -- Integration Developer News turns to Open Source Java expert Bernard Golden to answer the question, "Is JBoss a good fit for your enterprise?"

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JBoss Q&A: Life After J2EE Certification

Last week, JBoss passed a key milestone as it received its first J2EE certification from Sun, after having passed the grueling J2EE 1.4 Compatibility Test Suite. IDN spoke in-depth with JBoss execs to find out what JBoss will do now. Does certification change their (a) go-to-market plans; (b) new-products road map; and (c) will Apache's Geronimo be a strong Open Source J2EE rival? Read the interview below.

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BEA Hands Workshop App Framework to Apache

BEA is open-sourcing the development framework, or runtime, of WebLogic Workshop, BEA's J2EE development tool that looks to combine application development, integration and web services tasks in a single IDE. BEA execs say that they want to speed J2EE skills development industry-wide, but admit that a too-slow JSR standardization process, and an effort to seed the market with more Weblogic-savvy devs were also part of their thinking.

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Apache Releases First Geronimo Codeset

Developers can now get their first glimpse at real code for Geronimo, ASF's Open Source J2EE project. Source and binaries are available for a free download. See why Geronimo's code release signals that another J2EE Open Source option is closer than many thought.

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IBM, Sun To Summit Over "Open" Java

IBM says they'll meeting with Sun next week to discuss creating a more "open" Java. News of the meeting follows months of failed attempts between IBM and Sun to unify over an "open" Java tools standards. But, Sun's software VP Jonathan Schwartz called IBM's plan "bonky." Word of the meeting follows an "open letter" sent by IBM to Sun asking to work together on such a project.

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Fleury Q&A: JBoss Inc. Looks Beyond J2EE

In an IDN interview, JBoss founder Marc Fleury tells how he'll spend the $10 million VC he just received, including a project that he says will help him build JBoss into a for-profit umbrella for incubating Open Source projects, and push the company beyond it's J2EE roots. Hear also how VCs think JBoss' low-cost software model may disrupt BEA and IBM.

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Covalent Provides Unified Web Apps Management

Covalent Technologies is offering a application management suite that looks to help devs better tie together their .NET and Java apps with Open Source assets. See how Covalent's upgraded CAM (Covalent Application Manager) suite will help make integrating legacy with Open Source a little less painful, and provide a one-stop view of .NET and Java apps that tie in with Tomcat, JBoss, Linux, Apache, and MySQL.

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Single Sign-On Ships for Microsoft, Java, Apache

A small San Diego web services security firm is shipping a centrally manageable security software solution to offer developers and sysadmins single-sign-on capabilities for mixed apps using Microsoft, Java and Open Source technologies. See how cross-platform identity and security management might not have to wait for next-gen standards. Also, get the free download.

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SPML Dev Toolkit Open for Free Download

This week, developers can download a free, Open Source toolkit for SPML -- as OASIS nears full adoption of the SPML 1.0 standard, which uses XML to help ensure cross-platform interoperability for identity and access-control technologies. Take a test drive of the latest tools for helping devs build secure end-to-end web services.

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