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Integration Developer News, launched in 2002, is a leading electronic newsletter for IT and business stakeholders working to build, deliver and manage digital transformation.


IDN is the leading Online Conference producer for Enterprise IT and Business. 100 events, in 8 years, attracting 100,000 registrations. The IDN format allows attendees to easily engage with vendor resources (Videos, White Papers, Trials) enabling sponsors to target opportunities and decision makers.


IDN’s audience includes C-Level Execs, Software Architects,Middleware Professionals, IT Operations and LOB Managers.


Our Online Conference Program include:

  • Application Architecture Summit
    Modern Application Development for Digital Business
    Application Architecture Summit is a multi-vendor online event where experts explore application platforms, frameworks and tools for low-hassle and light-speed app development, testing, delivery and security.
  • Intelligent Data Summit
    Analytics, AI/ML and Automation - The Next Wave of Digital Transformation
    Intelligent Enterprise Summit is a multi-vendor online event that explores how F2000s use analytics, AI/ML, automation, and smart process apps for new-gen digital transformation. Speakers look at top technologies and Best Practices for delivering amazing business value.
  • Cloud Architecture Summit
    Agile Apps, APIs & Integration, Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Microservices and More
    Cloud Architecture Summit is a multi-vendor online event to feature technologies and Best Practices to design and deliver agile and end-to-end integration for the digital enterprise. Speakers will focus on use cases across on-premises, cloud, iPaaS, PaaS, SaaS and trusted APIs.
  • Enterprise Integration Summit
    Powers Digital Transformation for APIs, Apps, Data & Cloud
    Enterprise Integration Summit is a multi-vendor online event that shows how modern integration technologies are now key enablers for digital business success. Attendees will learn how to deliver fast and reliable success for APIs, Big Data, IoT, SaaS and Mobile.


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