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ICEsoft: Bringing Ajax to the Enterprise

ICEsoft Technologies Inc. is taking new steps to bring Ajax to the enterprise. The company has put into Open Source its ICEfaces dev framework, which tightly connects client-side Ajax to J2EE, to Open Source, and launched Web 2.0 dev community for those tools. IDN speaks with Icesoft CTO Steve Maryka to get a pulse on enterprise Web 2.0 apps using Ajax.

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Survey: Apps at Risk for Reverse Engineering

Some two-thirds of companies with Java, .NET or Open Source applications are at risk of having their apps "reversed engineered," a recent survey of 600 corporations concluded. IDN takes a quick look at the vulnerabilities, and a survey of 600 corporate IT shops.

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ActiveBPEL 2.0 Enhances Integration Tooling

An upgraded ActiveBPEL Open Source Business Process Execution Language engine is now making it easier for a variety of enterprise Java and .NET devs to work with business-focused web services projects. IDN looks at the upgraded features and provides a link for downloading.

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Microsoft, JBoss Co-op To Gain Mo’ in 2006

Microsoft and JBoss will work together on a range of interop projects throughout 2006, with an aim to better tie J2EE and Hibernate in with Windows and .NET platforms. IDN outlines the 2006 Microsoft/JBoss work, which picks up speed in the wake of JBoss' latest enhancement to JEMS middleware stack, which has a strong focus on enabling J2EE connects to .NET.

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ESB Projects Team Up on Open Source JBI

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) projects put into Open Source by Iona Technologies and LogicBlaze will collaborate on a Java Business Integration (JBI) implementation. Find out how ESB cooperation may make it easier for to design and deploy an Open Source ESB option.

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Does Eclipse Need New Wave of SOA Tools?

Iona has proposed an SOA Tooling Platform project for Eclipse. The goal is to provide devs a top-level SOA tooling framework to increase productivity and cut complexity. IDN looks at Iona's plan for helping Java devs improve their SOA design, build and test procedures.

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BEA: XML Brings Distributed Apps To Masses

BEA Systems' buyout of tools provider M7 signals that BEA execs believes that traditional Java/J2EE developers will be working side-by-side with a new family of Open Source technologies for SOA solutions. IDN talks with BEA vice president Bill Roth about BEA's vision for a blended SOA developer community, and why XML, not Java, will bring distributed computing to the masses.

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Websphere “Overkill” Keys IBM Geronimo Push

IBM next month offers services for Geronimo, the Open Source J2EE app server. News that IBM will help users with Open Source J2EE comes the same week that Big Blue announced enhancements to its marquis WebsphereMQ J2EE line of software. What goes on? One IBM exec told Integration Developer News, it's a sign that Websphere is "overkill" for some mid-sized IT shops, and that "all Java is a good thing," even if not IBM's.

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Former Sun CTO Sees Flaws in EJB 3, Hibernate

Peter Yared, former CTO for Sun J2EE app server unit says the newest J2EE technologies - EJB 3.0 and Hibernate - don't go far enough to solve the pain of today's IT staff. See why Yared says that current J2EE initiatives may miss the point -- and the opportunities -- in the next wave of IT build-outs.

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Sendmail Raises Bar on Integrated Mail Security

Sendmail Inc. is offering mail admins one-stop help in their never-ending battle to secure their mail systems from ever-broadening, complex attacks. Mailstream Manager sports an integrated console for anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing, all controllable from a central console using a highly configurable XML-like scripting language to set security and filtering policies.

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Borland 2006 Roadmap Eyes JBuilder for Eclipse

This week, Borland execs revealed a 12-month roadmap that includes a suite of new JBuilder products to be built on the Eclipse Open Source IDE, marking a notable shift from its long-term sole support of Sun's NetBeans IDE.

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Countdown to OpenSolaris – An Enterprise IT FAQ

Sun will release the full Solaris 10 codeset to Open Source during JavaOne. To provide insight on how enterprise IT - execs, admins and devs - will be affected, Integration Developer News spoke with Sun's Operating Platforms Group vice president Tom Goguen to create a quick-reference "Enterprise FAQ" for OpenSolaris. Get ready for the launch: OpenSolaris may impact your business and dev projects more than you think.

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