Idevnews Latest News Find our latest news! en-us Workato Aurora Combines AI, Low-Code To Rapidly Integrate, Automate Workflows Workato has launched an update to its enterprise automation platform. The company's Aurora Release combines AI, low-code/no-code integration and more to prome faster app releases and deeper collaboration. MemSQL Expands Collaboration with AWS, Red Hat To Support Cloud-Based Operational Analytics MemSQL is available on Marketplaces at AWS and Red Hat to spur adoption.  MemSQL, 7.1 leverages Amazon EC2 and S3 for real-time operational analytics. MemSQL from the Red Hat Marketplace is optimized for Kubernetes. Navigating Operations After Migrating to the Cloud Navigating the pandemic, enterprises are weighing pros and cons of a ‘distributed’ or ‘in-office’ workforce. Flowroute’s Darach Beirne shares with IDN three options for cloud-based communications to stay in touch with workers and customers​. Study Suggests Data Privacy Efforts Can Be Rewarded with Customer Loyalty A recent study suggests that companies willing to invest in data privacy may be rewarded by customer loyalty. IDN summarizes findings from Privitar’s 2020 Consumer Trust and Data Privacy Report. Dynatrace Provides Deeper Observability for AWS Services Working with AWS CloudWatch Dynatrace will now support all AWS offerings that publish to Amazon CloudWatch.  Combining Amazon CloudWatch metrics with the data from Dynatrace will provide "more precise answers,” the company said. Developing a Cloud App? Consider the Benefits of Microservices Architecture TransNexus says the future of its enterprise-grade communications business lies in the cloud.  Alec Fenichel shares with IDN five big lessons his team learned when using microservices to build cloud apps. Datadog Ships Continuous Profiler with Aim To Help Users Optimize App Performance Datadog is looking to make app profiling more valuable and appealing to developers with its Continuous Profiler. The new low-overhead offering aims to help customers optimize app performance and code quality.  Security at the Speed of DevOps: How Engineering Learned To Love Security in the Age of Covid-19 Covid has exacerbated the tension between software engineers and security teams, says Code CTO Rob Junker.  In this post, he walks us through how to create a new DevSecOps culture that integrates security into app lifecycles at eye-popping speed. MontyCloud Ships Update to DAY2 for Intelligent, Automated Cloud Operations MontyCloud is shipping its DAY2 no-code environment to let customers build, deploy and run well-managed infrastructure and operations. It aims to support consistent provisioning with just a few clicks. Fastly Extends Observability for Real-Time Serverless Computing Performance Edge cloud platform firm Fastly is adding observability features to its Compute@Edge serverless compute environment. Advancements include customizable logging, real-time and historical metrics and tracing.