Idevnews Latest News Find our latest news! en-us GigaSpaces Latest Upgrade Looks To Fill in Missing Gaps for MLOps Success The updates in GigaSpaces 15.0 aim to make MLOps easier to achieve with features to help companies run their ML models in production. IDN looks at the latest version with GigaSpaces vice president Yoav Einav. HiveIO Adds Data Protection, BI, Cloud Storage to Its Intelligent Virtualization Solution The latest update to HiveIO’s intelligent virtualization solution adds data protection for virtual machines, BI support and disaster recovery by seamlessly integrating with cloud storage.  IDN looks at Hive Fabric 8.0. BigPanda AIOps Adds Root-Cause Changes To Speed Incident and Outage Resolution BigPanda’s latest AIOps update aims to help teams more quickly detect and resolve issues that can impact both cloud-native and hybrid environments.  IDN speaks with company vice president Mohan Kompella. NSF To Fund National Cloud Testbed That Uses Core Technology from Red Hat, Others The National Science Foundation will help fund the development of a national cloud testbed for research and development of new cloud computing platforms. The funding builds on R&D technology formed under a partnership which includes Red Hat, among others. The Increased Pressure for Faster Feature Deployment Brings a Knock to Customer Experience 2020 may prove that DevOps practices will take hold more widely. But, it’s not all good news. Signs are popping up that rapid releases may raise the risk of software failures.’s Dave Karrow explains how to enjoy DevOps productivity – and lower risks. Samsung, Syniverse To Make Mobile Payments Easier and More Trustworthy Samsung SDS and Syniverse are partnering to develop a wallet-agnostic, mobile payment platform ready to support multiple blockchain technologies. The aim is to deliver regulatory-compliant, cross-region mobile transactions for mobile operators and enterprises. Denodo Brings Data Virtualization to Google Cloud Platform To Speed Hybrid, Cloud Projects As enterprises move data and processing to the cloud or multiple clouds, they are looking for faster and reliable access to their data. Denodo has released data virtualization for Google Cloud Platform users to speed and simplify data-centric projects.  Integrating Gartner’s “Top 10 Analytics Trends for 2020” Into Your Data Analytics Lifecycle In 2020, data analytics will explode with utility and adoption, according to Kaycee Lai, CEO of Promethium. His IDN post focuses on the synergy among three of Gartner's top analytics trends – ADM, NLP and augmented analytics. His perspective come as the founder of a context automation start-up.  McAfee MVision CASB-Integrated Cloud Security Platform Aims To Ease DevSecOps McAfee has launched a solution that aims to helps enterprises more quickly and smoothly design and adopt DevSecOps.  IDN looks at McAfee MVision Cloud for Containers. Omnichannel Communication at the Edge: The Foundation of the Modern User Experience A recent survey revealed how businesses that adopt customer-facing omnichannel strategies achieve huge benefits over those that don’t. Flowroute’s Dan Hastings explains how telecom APIs are providing valuable support for agile and reliable omnichannel projects.