Idevnews Latest News Find our latest news! en-us Alation, Snowflake Partner To Drive Snowflake ‘Data Cloud’ Alation Inc. is bringing its enterprise data catalogue and data governance capabilities to the  Snowflake Data Cloud.  The partnership will focus on expanding data search & discovery, drive data cloud governance, and simplify migration.  Understanding Your Data Sprawl Across Clouds and Hybrid Enterprises As enterprises recognize the value of their data ecosystem, thy are taking a next step.  Arthur Shectman, CEO of Elephant Ventures explains why modern lean product development practices can result in better understanding of data – and drive valuable data-driven decision making. PagerDuty's Digital Ops Update Promotes Proactivity with Advanced ML, Automation PagerDuty is adding new capabilities for event management, incident response, and AIOps. The features, along with others, look to support advanced analytics to promote a “proactive” approach to digital ops.  OutSystems Brings AI, Updated Toolsets to Its Low-Code App Platform OutSystems is adding AI services to its low-code platform to allow users of any skill level to deliver a wide range of application projects quickly. IDN explores the updates with OutSystem’s Mike Hughes. Druva Delivers SaaS-Based Data Protection for Kubernetes Druva is introducing a cloud-based SaaS solution to offer users simplified, enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery support for Kubernetes. It also protects on-prem data centers and cloud workloads via a unified interface. Bridging the Skills Gap for AI and Machine Learning Even as COVID-19 has slowed business investments worldwide,  AI/ML spending is increasing. In a post for IDN, dotData’s CEO Ryohei Fujimaki, Ph.D, looks at the latest trends in AI/ML automation – and how they will speed adoption across industries. CloudBeees Adds Capabilities for Software Delivery Management, DevSecOps CloudBees is preparing to ship the first two modules of its Software Delivery Management solution for feature management and engineering productivity. These updates follow major improvements in CloudBees support for DevSecOps.  IDN reviews both rollouts. FireMon Marries Security, Agility in New Agile Network Security Policy Management Platform FireMon is bringing agility and speed to a range of security capabilities that companies say they need to adopt cloud more quickly.  IDN looks at FireMon’s marriage of “agile” with network security policy management platform technology. Ahana Rolls of Presto-as-a-Service To Promote Self-Service SQL Analytics Ahana has launched a cloud-based managed service to simplify the deployment, management and integration of Presto. IDN speaks with Ahana co-founder Dipti Borkar about its Presto-as-a-Service approach to promote self-service SQL analytics.  Instana Provides A Single-Click Direct Path from Traces to Process Profiles; Adds SLO Support Instana’s application performance monitoring solution is powering faster troubleshooting and problem resolution. With a single click, users now can drill down into profiles related to individual request/user traces that require investigation.