Idevnews Latest News Find our latest news! en-us How Continuous Testing Can Help Organization Achieve Faster Releases In 2023, many companies are finding their traditional testing practices for mobile apps is hitting a wall.’s Guy Arieli explains to IDN how an AI-powered approach to continuous testing is helping speed up releases -- and even improve customer experience. Cloud Migration Isn’t Going Away: 4 Warning Signs a Change is Needed Cloud migration can be a complex process filled with risk.  Virtana’s Amit Rathi, vice president of engineering, shares four key considerations for single cloud or multiple cloud projects.  Alluxio Empowers Data Architectures for Cloud-Scale and Multi-Tenant Projects The latest update to Alluxio’s Data Orchestration Platform boosts scalability and manageability to improve data access for analytic, AI and DevOps across heterogeneous environments. IDN speaks with Alluxio's Adit Madan about benefits and recent use cases.  Augtera Networks Uses AI for Intelligent, Real-Time Mining of Network Logs Augtera Networks continues its push to offer technologies that can use unstructured text-based log data for rapid, actionable insights. IDN looks at how LogAI supports real-time data at high volumes. The Pre-Post-Password World Is Growing More and More Complicated for Enterprises The world of passwordless is coming in sight, as Apple, Google and Microsoft have joined forces to support ‘fast identity online’ passkey authentication.  Onymos CEO Shiva Nathan shares the road to passwordless.  98% of Enterprises Struggle To Maintain, Rebuild Integrations for Key Business Apps An astounding 98% of IT execs say they had to rebuild at least one integration in the past year, according to a report from eiPaaS provider Digibee. IDN talks with CEO Rodrigo Bernardinelli. How Developers Can Manage and Contribute to Successful Open-Source Projects A new generation of open source is set to influence 2023’s top technologies for AI/ML, data-driven apps and cloud-native development.   Databricks’ Denny Lee tells IDN how developers can engage with open source – and benefit both their companies and their careers. Bonitasoft Adds Deep Visualization, Monitoring To Its Digital Process Automation Platform Bonitasoft is adding rich visualization, monitoring and reporting tools to let users get a deeper sense understanding of their processes -- and improve them as needed. IDN speaks with CEO Charles Souillard. Mirantis Lens Pro Looks to Simplify Kubernetes, Boost Developer Productivity Mirantis continues to make it easier for enterprise developers to work with Kubernetes. The company is rolling out updates to its Lens Kubernetes platform offerings, and sharing a vision for the future. Qumulo Latest Driver Improves Storage Management of Kubernetes Apps and Workflows Qumulo has launched an innovative driver solution to help cloud customers to better perform storage management with Kubernetes clusters.