Idevnews Latest News Find our latest news! en-us Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management Adds AI-driven Capacity Planning The Virtana infrastructure performance management platform is adding AI-driven capacity planning capabilities. The addition aims to provide proactive intelligence and boost operational efficiencies across on-prem and cloud operations. BigPanda Launches ‘Alert Intelligence’ To Improve, Simplify AIOps, ITOps BigPanda’s AIOps platform is adding smart capabilities to reduce noise, simplify integration and improve the quality of alerts. IDN speaks with Blair Sibille about how ‘Alert Intelligence’ modernizes AIOps. e2open’s Supply Chain SaaS Updates Help Firms Reduce Operational Risks with Deeper Visibility Cloud-based supply chain solution provider e2open has updated its SaaS platform offering to help companies reduce operational risks by offering early detection of potential supply chain disruptions. Integration Developer News Announces a New Virtual Event: AI Deployment Summit Integration Developer News announces a new virtual multi-vendor event: AI Deployment Summit. The event, airing July 20, will be the first to showcase AI and automation trends shaping enterprise IT solutions in 2023 and beyond.   Report: Endor Labs Identifies 2023 Operational, Security Risks To Open Source Endor Labs, along with 20 other technology veterans have outlined the top 10 open source software risks of 2023. The authors hope to provide a gold standard for gauging open source risks. Removing Barriers to Business by Enabling Agility & Control with Ecosystem Integration Done properly, integration technologies for B2B and supply chains provide the seeds for a disruptive business. Cleo’s Dave Brunswick reveals how to unlock modernization, automation, governance and optimization for both processes and operations. EnterpriseDB Releases Solution To Optimize Postgres for IT, Business Resilience EnterpriseDB brings ‘extreme high availability’ to Postgres, with supports for operational resiliency, scalability and disaster recovery. IDN learn more about EDB Postgres Distributed 5.0 with EDB’s Jozef de Vries.  How Continuous Testing Can Help Organization Achieve Faster Releases In 2023, many companies are finding their traditional testing practices for mobile apps is hitting a wall.’s Guy Arieli explains to IDN how an AI-powered approach to continuous testing is helping speed up releases -- and even improve customer experience. Cloud Migration Isn’t Going Away: 4 Warning Signs a Change is Needed Cloud migration can be a complex process filled with risk.  Virtana’s Amit Rathi, vice president of engineering, shares four key considerations for single cloud or multiple cloud projects.  Alluxio Empowers Data Architectures for Cloud-Scale and Multi-Tenant Projects The latest update to Alluxio’s Data Orchestration Platform boosts scalability and manageability to improve data access for analytic, AI and DevOps across heterogeneous environments. IDN speaks with Alluxio's Adit Madan about benefits and recent use cases.