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PrismTech OpenSplice Adds to Open Source SOA

PrismTech is bringing DDS support to Apache Camel with the release of its OpenSplice DDS Connector. Developed under a contract with MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the new connector to Apache Camel brings more Open Source SOA options to developers. 

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JBoss Middleware Wins Key Fed Security Certification

Red Hat's JBoss' open source Enterprise Middleware now has security certification for government projects thanks to receipt of the Common Criteria certification.

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WSO2 'Opens' Carbon Core SOA Platform

Open source SOA vendor WSO2 is taking 'open' one step further by making available a stand-alone version of its Carbon Core componentized SOA platform. The new Carbon Core framework, built to comply with the OSGi specs, allows devs to create custom SOA services, said WSO2 execs.

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HP Vision for SOA Governance Proves Attractive

Over the past two months, TIBCO, JBoss and Capgemini have partnered with HP for SOA Governance, noting HP's expanded portfolio can improve SOA's ability to meet business and IT goals. IDN looks at the new face of HP's SOA Governance with Tim Hall, HP's Director, SOA Center, Software & Solutions.

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Alfresco, EnterpriseDB Forge Open Source Alliance

Alfresco Software Inc. and EnterpriseDB Corp. have forged a technology and business alliance aimed at helping make it easier for businesses to benefit from open source database, content and integration options.

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Sabre Holdings Standardizes on FUSE Open Source ESB

Sabre Holdings, parent of the world-renown Sabre travel reservation system and, will standardize on Progress Software's FUSE open source ESB for real-time integration and SOA with its B2B partners.

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Sun’s GlassFish Portfolio Could Change Middleware Game

This week, Sun Microsystems enters the open source middleware space with GlassFish Portfolio, a pre-integrated and easily configurable platform that offers an ESB, management and monitoring capability, a web portal for community development, and LAMP stack. IDN talks with Sun execs and looks at 7 ways GlassFish Portfolio could change the game for open source middleware.

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Open Source IT Embraces Cloud Computing, Google App Engine

Cloud computing is gaining strong momentum in the open source community, with close half of all professionals saying they will offer their apps as web services via cloud providers. Google's Apps Engine, so far, is the top cloud provider-of-choice, says a survey by Evans Data Corp.

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Progress Updates Open Source FUSE ESB for Full Lifecycle

Progress Software is shipping FUSE ESB 4.0, an upgrade to the former IONA open source ESB based on the Apache Open Source ServiceMix ESB. FUSE 4.0 expands lifecycle support to design, build, test, deploy and manage the ESB, and underscores Progress' intent to continue support for Open Source middleware.

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Red Hat Upgrades JBoss, JON for Enterprise SOA

Red Hat has upgraded its enterprise offerings for SOA with the release of JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 4.3 and JBoss Operations Network 2.1. The focus of these upgrades are to cut cost and complexity of SOA projects, and bring more visibility to SOA management and team development.

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WaveMaker Ships ‘Point-and-Click’ Web 2.0 Tool

WaveMaker is shipping an upgrade to its popular open source development tool that allows devs to build and deploy sleek, snazzy Web 2.0 applications with a handful of mouse clicks - and no coding.

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SOA Expert Warns SOA Not a Hammer for All Nails

Many enterprises working on SOA projects are assuming wrongly that SOA can be applied to every situation that it experiences, one SOA expert warns. Get advice from Kyle Gabhart, Director of SOA Technology for Web Age Solutions.

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