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FuseSource Takes Apache-Based Open Source Integration on the Road

FuseSource Corp., an open source integration and messaging firm backed by leaders and founders key middleware Apache Software Foundation projects, is taking to the road in US and the U.K to discuss Apache-based open source integration at top events for software devs and architects.  See the experts and where’s they’ll be speaking.

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EMC Greenplum Offers Community Edition Of Big Data Tools

EMC Corp. has launched a free community edition of its Greenplum Database, a high-performance massively parallel processing (MPP) database product, along with free access to “big data” power tools for analytic algorithms and data mining.

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Jaspersoft 4 Adds UI Framework; Delivers End-to-End Suite for ‘BI Builders’

Jaspersoft, an open source business intelligence (BI) provider, is helping fill a gap for an emerging class of IT professionals, BI builders. Jaspersoft 4.0 adds a new user interface framework to its long-standing SOA-based backend architecture. The upgrade results in a complete end-to-end BI design and deploy environment.

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Apache Middleware Safe from JCP-ASF Feud, Open Source CTO Says

The decision by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to leave the Java Community Process (JCP) executive committee won’t hurt users of Apache-based open source middleware, according to Rob Davies, CTO of FuseSource. The company provides open source integration solutions built on Apache ServiceMix, ActiveMQ, CXF and Camel.  Davies shares four reasons with IDN.  

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Sonatype Streamlines Agile Development for Maven, Hudson

Sonatype is shipping an integrated development suite for Maven-centric Java development.  Sonatype Professional is tightly integrated with the Eclipse development environment to simplify builds, artifact search and reuse, defect detection, and bug fixes.

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Power Costs Uses Pentaho’s Agile BI To Boost Customer Profits

Pentaho Corp.’s BI Suite is powering an energy supply management software firm’s ability to provide its customers business intelligence and insights into the efficiency and profitability of their operations. Power Costs Inc. is using Pentaho BI’s reporting, dashboards, analytics and easy-to-implement data integration. 

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WSO2 Launches WSO2 Business Rules Server

Open Source integration provider WSO2 is shipping a business rules server aimed at letting companies quickly and easily create, access, and manage business rules within an SOA framework.  WSO2 Business Rules Server (BRS) delivers a tool for separating business logic from underlying infrastructure code. 

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JBoss Updates Open Source SOA Platform for BRMS, Cloud

Red Hat is shipping JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.0, an upgrade to its foundation open source SOA ESB-based platform with new support for business rules and cloud connectivity to allow IT to more quickly respond to growing integration requirements.

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MGI Improves Compliance with JBoss Business Rules Repository  

London-based Millennium Global Investments is improving compliance system by using Red Hat’s open source JBoss Enterprise BRMS (Business Rules Management System) for its mission-critical business rules repository.  MGI will standardize its business rules and bring them into a more manageable environment, officials said.

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MuleSoft Ships Mule MQ for High Performance JMS Messaging

MuleSoft is shipping Mule MQ, a fast messaging platform for Web applications and enterprise SOA.  Mule MQ is fully compliant with the latest Java Message Service spec, and can be run standalone or as a plug-in with the open source Mule ESB

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WSO2 Launches Open Source BAM for SOA

WSO2 is offering a Business Activity Monitor for its open source SOA offering, providing real-time visibility into processes, transactions and workflows.

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Mulesoft Updates Tcat Enterprise Tomcat Server

MuleSoft is shipping an update to its Tcat Server, an enterprise-class web application server based on Apache Tomcat.  New features include automated configuration management and remote restart. 

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