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WSO2 Developer Studio 2.0 Lets Devs Write Once, Deploy On-Premise or Cloud

WSO2 is shipping an update open source IDE which aims to let write their application once, and run it either on-premise or in any flavor of cloud – private, public or hybrid.  WSO2 Developer Studio 2.0, based on Eclipse, provides a “one-stop” lifecycle environment to develop, debug and deploy SOA and REST-based composite applications and services. It also adds features for testing and collaboration.

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At CamelOne, FuseSource Debuts Latest ESB, Messaging for Real-Time, Cloud Projects

FuseSource Corp. is shipping updates to two key open source-based SOA middleware products to enable simple and affordable real-time integration. Fuse ESB Enterprise 7.0 and Fuse MQ Enterprise 7.0, both based on Apache Software Foundation open source projects, debuted at FuseSource’s CamelOne 2012 event for integration developers.

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In Mid-May, CamelOne Event Explores Surge in Open Source Integration by Large Enterprises

The growing role of open source middleware, even in large-scale enterprises, will be on display at FuseSource’s CamelOne event in Boston, May 15-16. Attendees will see FuseSource’s latest offerings based on Apache’s top open source middleware projects, hear from top Apache committers and learn the latest best practices that are driving a new wave of open source-based integration.

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MQTT Could Reshape Enterprise Wireless; Even Facebook Messenger is a Fan

IBM and Eurotech have contributed software to the Eclipse Foundation to support communications among the next wave of smartphones and wireless devices. Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), already in use for Facebook Messenger, is a scalable protocol to easily and quickly connect data from devices with low CPU, memory and limited bandwidth access, officials said.

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FuseSource Open Source Messaging Powers Roadside Assistance for Millions of UK Drivers

Open source middleware is delivering reliable messaging and routing for the UK’s largest and newest network for roadside assistance. The Automotive Network Services, developed and managed by Apex Networks, is using FuseSource distributions of Apache projects to link 90% of the UK’s 32 million drivers with tow trucks, garages and emergency first responders.

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Jaspersoft Expands Pre-Integrated, Self-Service BI for Partners, Devs

Open Source BI provider Jaspersoft continues this summer to focus on integrating its business intelligence solutions with other applications and solutions providers, and has also released a self-service portal to provide Jaspersoft devs a rich set of resources. 

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SOA in 2011: Enterprise IT Increasingly Open to Open Source Integration

Most enterprises are actively using open source solutions across IT departments and managers say they are likely to use more, according to a survey by FuseSource Corp., a provider of Apache-based open source SOA, middleware and messaging solutions.

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FuseSource Updates Fuse IDE, Improves Drag-and-Drop Integration

FuseSource Corp. has rolled out Fuse IDE 2.0, an updated version of the Eclipse plug-in for SOA-based applications and integration projects The IDE’s update improves on a visual environment that lets developers “drop and drag” the integration and mediation components they need to connect systems.

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WSO2 Ships StratosLive PaaS, Stratos 1.5 Open Source Cloud Middleware

WSO2 is bringing its open source middleware to public, private and hybrid clouds with its StratosLive PaaS and an updated version of Stratos. The offerings support taking SOA and composite appdev and deployment to the cloud, WSO2 CTO and co-founder Paul Fremantle told IDN.  

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rPath Ships Cloud ‘Appliance’ To Simplify OpenStack Private Clouds

rPath, provider of an automated platform to manage software across physical, virtual and cloud environments, is shipping an OpenStack Compute Appliance to simplify the building and maintaining of private clouds. The appliance is a set of ready-to-run, pre-configured components that will deliver push-button installation for rPath’s open source OpenStack cloud platform.

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Talend Integration Factory Brings Open Source Messaging, Integration

Talend, a global open source software company, has released the Talend Integration Factory, a production-ready distribution of the Apache Camel open source project that gives developers message mediation and routing capabilities.

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Experts Gather at First Community Event for Apache Camel on May 24 in D.C. Area

CamelOne 2011, the first community event for enterprise users of Apache-based open source integration and messaging projects, will be held near Washington, D.C. May 24-26. The event, produced by FuseSource, will feature founders of Apache Camel, ServiceMix, ActiveMQ and CXF, as well as top project committers and adopters.

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