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Evans 2010 Cloud Developer Survey Reveals Top Requirements, Trends

Developers looking for private or public cloud solutions have top two requirements -- security and reliability, according to the just-released 2010 Cloud Development Survey from Evans Data Corp. IDN speaks with Evans’ CEO Janel Garvin about other key survey findings.

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Survey: Enterprise IT Eager for ‘Hybrid’ Cloud Options

A just-released Evans Data Corp. survey finds cloud computing set to rumble to reality in 2010.   Evans’ Cloud Development Survey found 61% of developers expect to move ‘at least some’ IT resources to the cloud, and prefer a ‘hybrid cloud’ option that combines public and private cloud models. 

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Study: Symantec Finds Mid-Sized Firms Eyeing Cloud

The sweet spot for cloud computing and virtualization in 2010 is likely to be mid-sized firms, with between 2,000 and 10,000 employees, according to a just-released study by Symantec.  The report notes three major reasons why mid-sized enterprises will “lead the way” when it comes to evaluating and/or adopting cloud or other virtualization technologies.

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Survey: Job-Hunting? You Have 10 Minutes

If you're hunting for a new job, you've only got 10 minutes to make your best impression, according to a survey from Robert Half Finance and Accounting, one of the world's best-known recruiting firms. IDN looks at the survey and reveals the top 5 questions asked in the first 10 minutes.

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Open Source IT Embraces Cloud Computing, Google App Engine

Cloud computing is gaining strong momentum in the open source community, with close half of all professionals saying they will offer their apps as web services via cloud providers. Google's Apps Engine, so far, is the top cloud provider-of-choice, says a survey by Evans Data Corp.

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Accenture: U.S. Execs Focus on Business Analytics

Despite the financial slowdown, some two-thirds of executives working at large U.S. companies say they need to improve their analytical capabilities, and about half admit they need to add IT capabilities and personnel to support business analytics, according to recent survey by Accenture.

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Survey: Measuring ROI ‘Greatest’ Challenge for SOA Devs

Determining ROI or payback-for-business from SOA investments is the "greatest challenge" facing SOA developers, finds an Evans Data Corp. survey. Determining SOA's ROI is tougher than technical tasks such as identifying Web Services, testing and validating, the survey said.

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Survey: Financial IT Wants ‘Integrated’ Risk Management

An enterprise IT survey released this week finds financial firms coping with $500 billion in losses and write-downs looking for a more 'integrated' and balanced approach to risk management. Top 3 drivers: better capital allocation, better loss containment, and even protection against losing trust.

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Survey: Burton Finds OSGi Adoption Could Skyrocket by 2009

A Burton group survey finds half of respodents are already using OSGi, and that 80% plan to develop OSGi-based systems by 2009. Use cases raange from web apps, rich clients and even mobile and embedded apps.

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IBM Survey: SOA a 'Top Business Priority' in 2008

A survey of some of IBM's clients has concluded that businesses around the world are moving quickly from merely adopting a service oriented architecture (SOA) strategy -- and are at a stage where they are actively deploying SOA technologies in departments or enterprise-wide.

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IBM Survey: SOA a 'Top Spending' Item in 2008

An IBM client survey finds SOA adoption is accelerating, where businesses are actively deploying SOA technologies in departments or enterprise-wide. IDN highlights other findings from the 300-client survey.

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Survey: Gartner Says IT Spending Continues to Grow in 2008

IT spending continues to grow despite the weak economy, according to a Gartner Inc. survey of IT executives released at Gartner's Outsourcing & IT Services Summit 2008 in London. Top-line IT growth is being driven by interest in SOA, SaaS and Web 2.0.

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