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arcplan Updates Design Technologies for ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ BI

BI vendor arcplan is updating a pair of design concepts that aim to make it easier for IT to take a ‘write once – deploy on any device’ approach to business intelligence apps. IDN speaks with arcplan’s senior vice president Dwight deVera about the company’s Responsive Design and Metro Design two-pronged approach. 

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BP Logix Process Director 2.5 Responds to BPM Customer Needs for ‘Bottom-Up’ Process Intelligence, Improvement

BP Logix is shipping an update to Process Director to let BPM users better discover, define, model and automate business processes, as well as control, track and improve operations using real-time metrics and process intelligence. Process Director 2.5’s new features include records management, mobile and business rules to go beyond simple automation of BPM processes and workflows. IDN looks at the latest version, and explores benefits with a customer.

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Vitria’s KPI Builder App for its Operational Intelligence Platform Delivers Real-Time Insights

Vitria Technology is rolling out the first pre-built application for its Operational Intelligence platform. Vitria’s KPI Builder OI let business users monitor key performance indicators by tapping a wide range of historical and real-time data, including big data. The app also lets users make changes to ensure KPIs are met.

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Gartner Lists Top 10 IT Technologies for 2012

Gartner Inc. has identified 2012’s top corporate IT technologies and the list includes a few heavyweight trends from this year, along with some new players.  IDN looks at what Gartner says why next year will be pivotal for clouds, enterprise mobile, business intelligence, enterprise-facing apps stores and in-memory technologies.

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Oracle Digs in On NoSQL, Hadoop, End-to-End Big Data

This week at Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle execs unveiled what the company called an “end-to-end solution” for big data, designed to make massive data volumes readily available to BI, analytics and data warehouses. The announcement also begins to spell out Oracle’s commitments to Hadoop and NoSQL.

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Jaspersoft Expands Pre-Integrated, Self-Service BI for Partners, Devs

Open Source BI provider Jaspersoft continues this summer to focus on integrating its business intelligence solutions with other applications and solutions providers, and has also released a self-service portal to provide Jaspersoft devs a rich set of resources. 

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Jaspersoft Open Source BI Reporting Available for Eclipse

Jaspersoft is opening up the world of BI to millions of Java developers with the release of a complete BI open source environment for Eclipse. Jaspersoft Studio allows Eclipse devs to build, secure, and share BI reports for free.

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Pentaho BI 4 Adds Interactive Reporting, Visualization

Pentaho Corp. has updated its open source BI with interactive reporting, data discovery and access to more data sources. IDN explores Pentaho BI 4 Enterprise Edition’s latest capabilities for architects, devs, admins and end users with Pentaho CEO Richard Daley.

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Polaris Software Lab Launches Cloud-Ready Solution for Insurance

Polaris Software Lab Ltd, a global financial technology company, has launched a cloud-ready platform for the global insurance sector. Polaris’ Intellect SEEC solution for insurance is based on core SOA and XML standards and optimizes core application capabilities for insurance stakeholders, including underwriters, claims handlers, agents and call center representative.

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Study: BI-Cloud, Mobile-Cloud Bundles Poised for Big SMB Growth

Cloud-based SMB solutions for business intelligence/business analytics and mobile IT will become more available to SMB firms, and such investments will become increasingly important, according to a study by AMI-Partners.

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Evans’ 2011 Survey Finds NoSQL, Mobile Gain Traction; Cloud Security Sought

The 2011 edition of the Evans Data Corp. North American Developer Survey finds that cloud is still hot, but it now vies for attention with other emerging technologies. Enterprise mobile, NoSQL and Big Data are all rapidly capturing mindshare – and budgets. IDN speaks with Evans Data CEO Janel Garvin about the results.

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Panorama Necto Brings ‘Automated Insights,’ Sharing to Business Intelligence

Panorama Software, a vendor of business intelligence solutions, has launched Necto BI, a new way to connect data, analytic insights, and individuals across a company. Necto is a socially-enabled BI platform that provides users with tailored and highly-relevant results.

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Agile BI with Real-Time Data

  • Stefan Andreasen, Founder and CTO 

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

  • Dan Galt, Product Marketing Manager & Go To Market Strategist IBM Business Analytics 

Addressing the Analytics Challenge with Agile BI

  • Joe Nicholson, Vice President, Product Marketing

BI-EDGE Solution Presentation

  • Malene Haxholdt, Business Analytics, Product Marketing Manager

BI-EDGE Keynote Case Study

  • Dan Galt, Product Marketing Manager & Go To Market Strategist IBM Business Analytics 
  • Malene Haxholdt, Business Analytics, Product Marketing Manager
  • Joe Nicholson, Vice President, Product Marketing
  • Stefan Andreasen, Founder and CTO 

Build an Intelligent Integrated Enterprise with On-premise and Cloud Applications

  • Pierre Fricke - Director, Integration and BPM Product Marketing

Next Generation Intelligent Applications with BPM

  • Ajay Khanna - Director, BPM Product Marketing

Transitioning Legacy SOA Platforms to Participate in the New API Economy - GNAX and Intel

  • Andy Thurai - Chief Architect, Application Security and Identity Products

Connect Enterprise APIs to Mobile App Dev

Blake Dournaee [Intel] - Product Manager - Expressway Service Gateway Andreas Constantinou, Ph.D. [VisionMobile ] - Managing Director

Exposing the Beast: Custom API Management for the Enterprise

  • Blake Dournaee - Senior Product Manager
  • Randy Heffner - VP and Principle Analyst - Forrester Research

Enterprise API Security Choices - One API - Total Security

  • Blake Dournaee
    Senior Product Manager Expressway Service Gateway

Overview of Symantec Resources

Supercharge SOA with the Agility of API Management

  • Todd Cramer
    Director, Technical Marketing

Intelligent Adaptive Processes for a New Digital Era

  • Mala Ramakrishnan
    Director of Product Marketing

Building Truly Collaborative Business Intelligence

  • Miranda Li - Product Marketing Analyst

Delivering Operational Intelligence

  • Monzy Merza - Chief Security Evangelist

Turning Machine Data into Operational Intelligence

  • Monzy Merza - Chief Security Evangelist

Big Data in Motion Intelligent Action from Insight

  • Malcolm Ross - Vice President, Product

Intelligent Data Summit, Agenda

  • Name - Title

Why Mobile Needs a Cloud - Enterprise Data Behind Intelligent Mobile Apps

  • Grant Ronald - Director, Product Management

Power Customer Understanding with Modern Data Management – A Five-Step Approach

  • Ajay Khanna - VP, Product Marketing

Data Integration and Big Data Management

  • Kevin Petrie - Sr Director, Product Marketing

How NOT to Mess Up Data Integration (in 5ish Easy Steps)

  • Jake Freivald - Vice President of Product Marketing

Using Hub-Based Synchronization to Ensure Business Data Integrity

  • Geoff Bockelmann - Product Management

IoT: In-Memory Data Analytics

  • Manish Devgan - VP of Product Management

Trusted Big Data: A Careful Roadmap for Risk Mitigation and Compliance

  • Marcelo Delima & Carole Murphy - HPE Security – Data Security
  • Jay Irwin - Director, Teradata

Enabling the Digital World – OpenText Analytics Suite

  • Mark Gamble - Sr. Director of Technical Marketing

Being Data-Driven – A Digital Transformation Imperative

  • Ajay Khanna - VP, Product Marketing

Game-Changing Data and Analytics

  • Jake Freivald - VP of Product Marketing

Intelligent Data Summit May 2017 Agenda


Intelligent Customer-Centricity for the Digital Business

  • Tony Curcio - Director Application Integration

Modern Data Integration for Intelligent Enterprises

  • Kevin Petrie - Sr Director, Product Marketing

How Streaming Integration Delivers Real-Time Intelligence

  • Steve Wilkes - CTO

How Streaming Integration Delivers Real-Time Intelligence

  • Steve Wilkes - Co-Founder & CTO