In 2019, AI & Mobile Tech Are Making Workplaces Smarter and Faster

Today, many enterprises are drowning in data -- and still struggle to turn these assets into action.  MicroStrategy’s Vijay Anand shares top digital transformation strategies for how to quickly capture data value in 2019.

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Vijay Anand, MicroStrategy
Vijay Anand
vp product marketing & enterprise analytics

"Organizations are focused on driving initiatives that infuse intelligence into their processes, applications, and devices."

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Everywhere you look, companies are drowning in data and challenged with how to turn it into action.


Decision makers are spending too much time clicking through different applications, searching for answers to their questions and still not getting the right insights.


In essence, they lack the ability to see the forest through the trees. This struggle is time-consuming, costly, and holding organizations back from capitalizing on transformative growth opportunities. In fact, a McKinsey report states that employees spend 1.8 hours on a daily basis searching and gathering information.


According to research conducted by Singular, receiving actionable insights is a top priority for organizations. Moreover, organizations are focused on driving initiatives that infuse intelligence into their processes, applications, and devices.


To realize competitive advantages such as faster and more effective decision making and better financial performance, business users want access to the right data.  Such ‘right data’ will effortlessly connects them to their colleagues and to the products, customers, and core metrics that matter most to their business.


To make this scenario a reality, newer technologies have arrived that have the potential to ignite faster, better decisions and entirely transform corporate culture.


Leading industry analysts and influencers in data analytics and digital transformation have identified two trends that are having huge implications on delivering smarter insights, while still instilling trust in data.


Pervasive Mobility Bolsters Business Success 

Pervasive mobility continues to empower business users. Advances in technology are changing how people work as business users take advantage of digital devices in new ways. According to Mark Smith of Ventana Research, six key mobile technology innovations are making smartphones and tablets truly smart and more valuable to business: device proximity, speech recognition, gestures, facial recognition, high-quality cameras, and augmented reality (AR).  


Across the retail, healthcare and financial services industries, facial recognition is proving its potential to capture key insights.  For some examples:

  • L’Oréal uses AR-powered technology to allow people to see themselves in real-time with different hair color (Style My Hair), nail color, or cosmetics.
  • The Yokohama City University Hospital in Japan uses facial recognition to help predict when ICU patients are at risk of unsafe behavior, such as an accidental removal of a breathing tube.

As the technology continues to develop, it could become possible for bank tellers to know a customer’s name and account information as soon as he or she walks in the door in order to provide faster, more personalized service.


AI Strategies Become a Necessity  

According to Ronald van Loon, director at Adversitement, every company is becoming an AI company, which means data sources will increase.


Across healthcare, retail, and financial services, AI-powered customer service chatbots are providing customers with targeted offers and services, account information and answers to questions. AI adoption is gaining momentum, which in turn, is accelerating the use of data analytics across all levels of the enterprise.


2019 is seeing a wave of other trends to power the ‘intelligent enterprise’ for more productivity, innovation and ROI.  What trends are you considering for your organization’s digital transformation?


Vijay Anand​ is vice president for product marketing and enterprise analytics at MicroStrategy. He leads product strategy and positioning of the company’s enterprise analytics and mobility solutions. A Duke University graduate, Vijay previously worked at GE, TATA Consulting, and PhotoGenesis Medical Devices, a company he founded after winning Duke and Engineering World Health’s prestigious startup competition.