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Flow Corp. Updates Cloud-Based Info Stream Management Solution

Flow Corp. is making available an enhanced Enterprise Stream Management solution aimed at helping organizations distribute information from numerous sources that employees, customers and business partners need when they need it.

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Evolve IP OSSmosis Enterprise Cloud Manager Leverages Red Hat’s ManageIQ

Cloud services company Evolve IP has rolled out the OSSmosis enterprise cloud manager to help customers better leverage its cloud services platform, especially for scalable and manageable communication services. Evolve IP’s latest cloud offering was developed with Red Hat’s ManageIQ software as its foundation.

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eBook Explores Cloud for Voice over IP, Unified Communications

Cloud VoIP for Dummies, a new ebook John Wiley & Sons Inc., explores how cloud computing is changing the communications technology such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Unified Communications.  The ebook is co-published with Fonality, a provider of VoIP and contact center solutions.

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StarPound Targets Voice, Video Integration with Data, BPM

StarPound Technologies is shipping an update to its open source StarPound CORE platform, to let enterprises IT more easily add voice, web, video, messaging and email communications to existing data, business processes and e-customer interactions.

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Oracle Upgrades WebLogic SIP Server for Multimedia

Oracle Corp. is shipping Communications Converged Application Server 4.0, based on BEA's WebLogic SIP Server. The upgraded CCAS allows network operators, equipment providers, SI and ISVs to develop, deliver and operate multimedia communications services in real time.

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OASIS Tunes SOA for Telecoms

Many of the worlds largest players in SOA and telecommunications are joining in an initiave to optimize SOA for telecoms. Member companies include: IBM, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Computer Associates, Microsoft, Nortel, Oracle, Progress Software, and Verisign.

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Download: JNBridgePro's .NET/Tiger Interop Tool

JNBridge is offering a free download (for a limited license) of its latest .NET-Java interop tool, JNBridgePro 3.0. Optimized for interop between Tiger (J2SE 5.0) and .NET Framework 2.0, upgrades include: access to Java and .NET (Framework 2.0) generics, mapping between Java and .NET enums, enhanced support for end-to-end security for apps that run across .NET and Java.

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Java Mobile APIs Progress as JavaOne Nears

This summer's JavaOne will continue to highlights opps for Java devs to enter the booming sector of mobile development, for both consumer and enterprise use. As the countdown to the show continues, a number of key mobile-Java JSRs are working their way through the standards process. Integration Developer News takes a look at rapid progress on the push to agree on Java APIs for a variety of mobile apps, including scanners, RFID and remote inventory.

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Java APIs Target Mobile Scanners, RFID

Two new JSRs that would help Java support poised-to-explode RFID and remote inventory sectors are under review by the Java Community Process. JSR 256 and 257, spearheaded by Nokia, continue to push J2ME to the forefront of JCP activity, with 8 of the last 11 JSRs based on J2ME/mobile devs. Take a look at how these JSRs could boost mobile IT prospects in 2005.

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Hands-On: Building Asynchronous Web Services

How do web services devs best to deliver guaranteed two-way (asynchronous) communications to confirm transactions, update databases and otherwise make sure both ends of the web service are in synch? IDN has gathered some great resources (code sets, techniques, advice) from your fellow developers to help you take asynchronous web services head-on.

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Hands-On: Architecting Asynchronous Web Services

Learn how best to deliver guaranteed two-way (asynchronous) communications that will confirm transactions, update databases and otherwise make sure both ends of the web service are in synch. IDN has gathered some of the best and most up-to-date resources (code sets, techniques, advice) available on how your fellow developers are addressing the issue of asynchronous web services communications.

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