Integration Developer News Announces a New Virtual Event: AI Deployment Summit

Integration Developer News announces a new virtual multi-vendor event: AI Deployment Summit. The event, airing July 20, will be the first to showcase AI and automation trends shaping enterprise IT solutions in 2023 and beyond.  

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Integration Developer News is working on a new virtual multi-vendor event: AI Deployment Summit. The event, which airs July 20, will be the first online event to showcase AI and automation trends shaping enterprise IT solutions in 2023 and beyond.  


This virtual conference will showcase leading AI expert's sessions on how AI and automation trends will impact apps, data, analytics, and infrastructure projects within today's enterprises.


“AI Deployment Summit’s agenda will help business execs, IT professionals and developers answer their top AI question: “Where (and how) do we start for best ROI?,” said Tom Donoghue, Publisher, IDN. “The AI Deployment Virtual Summit brings together top AI experts online for the benefit of Enterprise professionals looking for AI quick wins, without deep skills.”  


The AI Deployment Summit, free to attend, will explore top AI trends expected to impact Enterprise IT in 2023 and years to come.


Agenda topics will include:  

  • ChatGPT for the Enterprise: The interest in ChatGPT and “Generative AI” has reached a fever pitch.  This event will reveal the top opportunities for the Enterprise IT community, including CTOs, architects, software developers and data professionals and ML experts.  
  • Low Code Double Downs with AI:  With AI, low-code/no-code goes beyond drag-and-drop to enter a new era. Low-code/No code platforms are poised to leverage AI for faster apps, easy integration, smart recommendations -- and even code that writes and tests itself.
  • AI for DevOps, Pipelines and Processes:  AI is just beginning to help developers disrupt how to work with DevOps, pipelines, and RPA/BPA apps.  Experts will share how AI fights backlogs, delivers error-free QA, ensures app security and even real-time intelligence.
  • Observability with AIOps/MLOps:  AI now powers “intelligent protection” across business systems, IT and even customer/partners. Understand the deepest levels of visibility, resiliency, self-healing and predictive protections against outages and attacks.

AI Deployment Virtual Summit Sponsorships Available

AI Deployment Summit sponsorships are available. All sponsors are invited to present a 30-minute session on their company’s thought leadership and specific technology solutions.  Sponsors can also engage attendees with valuable resources (Videos, White Papers, Trials). 

IDN Virtual Summit Benefits & High-Value Audience

Integration Developer News is the leading producer of Enterprise IT virtual summits, having produced more than 140 online events for business and IT professionals since 2011, registering 150,000+ participants. 


IDN’s high-value audience includes CxO, Solution Architects, Project Managers, developers, and AI/ML practitioners. On average, IDN Virtual Summits attract about 1,000 registrations per event.


In addition to AI Deployment Summit, IDN produces virtual summits for cloud, integration, and data professionals.