Cleo Adds To EDI Ecosystem with Low-Code, Pre-Built Logistics Integration Solution

Cleo is adding another pre-built, no code EDI integration accelerator to its Cleo Integration Cloud platform.  IDN looks at looking to TruckMate-to-X12 solution.

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B2B and EDI integration provider Cleo is adding a new accelerator to its Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) cloud based integration platform of solutions.


Cleo’s new TruckMate Accelerator automates load-tender-to-invoice business processes -- without coding thanks to prebuilt EDI integration flows.  Users can eliminate manual integration processes, connect cloud application dataflows to your EDI system, reduce custom coding, leverage APIs and even verify and transform data, among other tasks.


In specific, Cleo’s new TruckMate-to-X12 EDI Accelerator logistics and transportation lets companies streamline critical revenue-generating operations with greater visibility and faster time-to-market, according to Vidya Chadaga, VP Products, Cleo.


“With Cleo’s new TruckMate-to-X12 EDI Accelerator, logistics companies with this TMS as their core business application can take control of their revenue-generating operations by streamlining load tenders, adding predictability to shipments, and optimizing invoicing for improved cash cycle times,” Chadaga said. 


Cleo's architecture allows for TruckMate-to-X12 EDI Accelerator to run on Cleo’s CIC cloud integration platform. This allows the Accelerator to bring Cleo’s Load Tender-to-Invoice business process knowledge and logistics domain expertise directly into CIC’s core engine.


This lets logistics and transportation companies eliminate trading partner backlog by introducing reusable and repeatable business process logic that helps digitalize and optimize Load Tender integration flows from start to finish. It also contributes to revenue generation by ensuring that Freight Details, Invoices, and other high-frequency business papers are accurate and delivered, Chadaga noted. 


In specific, Cleo’s TruckMate Accelerator lets users: 


Automate L2I business processes 
Prebuilt integration flows help streamline and automate L2I processing for seamless business with manufacturers, warehouses, wholesalers, retailers, and other customers


Optimize the full cash cycle
Recognize revenue faster by ensuring Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoices are correct and get delivered to your trading partners


Resolve exceptions faster
Proactive and configurable alert notifications help you solve issues around Load Tenders, Load Tender responses, and Status Updates, protect operational SLAs, and meet elevated customer expectations


Take operational insights to new heights
Get end-to-end business process visibility for L2I with real-time operational Dashboards, Messages, Jobs, Acknowledgements, and technical drill downs


Eliminate trading partner backlog
Scale your business and support rapid growth with reusable and repeatable business process logic that helps digitalize and optimize Load Tenders from end-to-end


Easily customize and extend your integrations
Built to run on CIC, Network Accelerators are designed for flexibility so you can easily extend the out-of-the-box orchestrations to meet any integration requirement


Cleo’s latest offering also helps to safeguard margins by allowing for quick responses to built-in alarms and notifications, Chadaga added.


Overall, Accelerators enable firms to respond more quickly to ever-changing demand patterns, resulting in increased organizational agility.


Because solutions are prebuilt, an integration owner can automate EDI transactions simply by defining these sophisticated load-tender-to-invoice processes; no coding is necessary.


Prebuilt integration flows included in Cleo's new TruckMate-to-X12 EDI Accelerator include Load Tender Capture (EDI 204), Load Tender Response (EDI 990), Status Update (EDI 214), Invoicing (EDI 210) and even Functional Acknowledgements (EDI 997).


Aside from all this out-of-the-box capability, the latest TruckMate Accelerator can be customized and extended by adding additional integration flows.


As a result of TruckMate’s collection of pre-built connectors and customization capabilities, “there’s no limit to what trucking, 3PL, freight brokerage, and other logistics customers can achieve,” Chadaga said.