Kofax Extends Intelligent Automation Support for RPA, Digital Workflow Management

Kofax is shipping an update to its Intelligent Automation platform. With the help of RPA and AI updates, Kofax aims to help customers synchronize robot releases with broader IT system.

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Kofax is extending capabilities of its Intelligent Automation platform to support workflow management for Robotic Process Automation and AI-based capabilities. 


The updates focus on improving ways to help customers drive business value from intelligent automation projects, according to Chris Huff, Kofax chief strategy officer. 


“The latest enhancements to Kofax RPA provide customers Digital Workforce Management, enabling line of business and Center of Excellence leaders to synchronize robot releases with broader IT system updates, which minimizes robots from failing and causing operational disruption,” Huff said in a statement.  


Kofax also upgraded support for unstructured-to-structured data transformation and further embedded its AI technologies with its Kofax RPA to speed automation development, he added. 

Kofax RPA now also includes integration with privileged access management provider CyberArk. This lets customers manage and protect privileged credentials for automating robotic processes that could improve security and safeguard access to enterprise systems. 


Other notable Kofax RPA and Intelligent Automation updates include:

Process Discovery and Visualization deliver business process insights across end-user and departmental silos that can be used to identify impactful opportunities for automation.


Robot Connector Framework enables users to build robots and connect to external applications leveraging custom code, accelerating the development of robots.


Enhanced Automation Sharing extends the power of automation via a browser, desktop or mobile device, making robots available and customizable to anyone inside or outside of the organization with limited development.


Code Reuse for Desktop Automation simplifies complex robot creation via support for modular robot building and reuse.

Huff also offered some details about how Kofax Intelligent Automation further leverages AI technologies, including natural language processing (NLP). 


Sentiment analysis and entity extraction improve customer and employee engagement and loyalty, deliver greater insights to the voice and opinions of social media, chatbot dialogues and email, and enhance decisions through a greater understanding of intent. 


Among other notable features are:  

  • Entity extraction: This automatically—and with a high degree of accuracy—determines which entities are being referred to by the text using both NLP techniques and analysis of information gleaned from contextual data in the surrounding text. For example, is the word “jaguar” referring to a large cat or a car?
  • Sentiment Analysis: In combination with other NLP algorithms, this reveals the customer’s opinion about a range of topics—from your products and services or your location to your advertisements, or even your competitors. Sentiment analysis is not a once-and-done effort and provides ongoing value.
  • Data Extraction: Using a combination of NLP and machine learning, specific data is found, recognized as valid and then extracted to be compiled into a data set or for ingestion into a business application. Over time, this process “learns” and can more accurately and can more accurately and efficiently extract data for business processes.


Kofax Intelligent Automation provides five interoperable technologies on a unified platform: 

RPA - to reliably automate routine, repetitive tasks


Cognitive Capture - to ingest and understand any document and its information in any format


Process Orchestration - to support multiple actions, people, software robots, policies and systems


Advanced Analytics - to provide visibility, process intelligence and insight humans and robots; and 


Mobility and Engagement - to communicate and transact via e-signature, facial recognition and on-demand communications

The latest Kofax low-code customizable Intelligent Automation platform enables organizations to rapidly improve workforce efficiencies, Huff noted.