Stibo Systems Master Data Management Update Adds ML, Embedded Analytics

Stibo Systems latest update for its multidomain MDM integrated suite adds machine learning, embedded analytics and APIs to more readily access distributed data. IDN looks at Stibo Systems MDM 9.2.

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Stibo Systems latest update for its multidomain MDM integrated suite adds machine learning, optimized to deliver enhanced data quality and operational agility.   Stibo Systems MDM 9.2 also adds seamless product data syndication, embedded analytics and extensibility via APIs to make dispersed data more actionable and available for real-time decision-making.


"Today, data is expected to be readily available, to both the business and their customers, At the end of the day, it's all about the critical impact that high-quality data can have on the business." Prashant Bhatia, Stibo Systems’ chief product and marketing officer, said in a statement.


Stibo Systems MDM 9.2 aim to allow companies to customize how they gather their most valuable data assets once – from across multiple systems and data domains – and to distribute them to all users, providing a single, reliable enterprise-wide version of the truth, Bhatia added. 

Large Digital Business Hub Domains - Stibo Systems

The company refers to this capability a Digital Business Hub (DBH), and “customers can now create their version of the [DBH} where they collect data once and use it everywhere. This enables them to respond quickly to market trends, improve customer experience, and drive growth through unique insights and superior decision making,” Bhatia said. 


Using embedded analytics, end users across the enterprise can now merge and blend data from multiple sources and tie it to their master data -- without the need for support from their analytics or data science teams. “With a more holistic, ‘at your fingertips’ view of their data, users can make faster and more informed decisions, target initiatives toward improved customer experiences, identify and eliminate bottlenecks and immediately validate if changes have been effective,” Bhatia added.


In a related announcement, Stibo Systems also launched a streamlined retail-specific solution – Product MDM for Retail


Product MDM for Retail is based on Stibo Systems’ Product Master Data Management, which serves as a central repository for all product data, providing organizations with a single version of the truth, along with the ability to share that information and content in real-time.


By using Product MDM for Retail, businesses can acquire, manage, and share accurate, up-to-date product information and content with customers and trading partners.  Notable features in Product MDM for Retail include: 

Retail-ready for fast time to value: This product allows customers to move quickly using pre-defined modules, data models, and business rules and processes


Deliver personalized experiences: PDM delivers high-quality data to fuel engaging omnichannel experiences that drive loyalty and growth


Improve operational agility: It allows rapid implementation and automated retail processes to drive innovation and efficiency


Accelerate time-to-market: Customers can also onboard new vendors and expand product assortments quickly through automated workflows


Create a single source of truth: Eliminate silos to deliver consistent, accurate, trustworthy data, insights and decisions


Eliminate risk and achieve compliance: It automates error-prone manual processes, reduces returns and enables governance and compliance

Stibo Systems MDM 9.2 is now available.