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SOA Software’s OAuth Server Secures Sharing of Private Data with Cloud, Mobile Apps

SOA Software is shipping a comprehensive OAuth-based identity and access management solution to simplify security for the extended enterprise. OAuth Server lets IT allow users to use their current enterprise login credentials to access data from their partners’ mobile, cloud, API and desktop applications.

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OASIS CloudAuthZ Aims To Authenticate User Access to Cloud Resources in Real-Time

The OASIS international open standards consortium has launched the Cloud Authorization (CloudAuthZ) Technical Committee, with the goal of developing improved models to manage authorizations and entitlements in SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS contexts.

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Aveksa Adds SSO to Its Cloud-Based Identity, Access Management SaaS Platform

Aveksa Inc is adding single sign-on capabilities to its MyAccessLive cloud-based identity and access management offering. The new SSO capabilities enriches  Aveksa’s cloud-based IAM to help IT more easily provision and manage secure connections to thousands of on-premise, cloud and mobile applications. 

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OneLogin Says Integration is Key to Success for Cloud-Based SSO, Identity and Access Management

OneLogin is using the cloud to deliver an enterprise-class solution to manage identities for users accessing on-premise, cloud, SaaS and mobile data or apps. IDN speaks with OneLogin’s CEO Thomas Pedersen about why integration will prove to be a key to success to how a cloud-based federated identity solution can secure apps and data anywhere. 

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Central Desktop Beefs Up Security, Certification for Cloud Collaboration Platform

Cloud-based social collaboration platform company Central Desktop is adding three security initiatives to its SocialBridge cloud collaboration platform to ensure customers’ data is safe in the cloud.  The improvements mean that Central Desktop’s SocialBridge can secure ‘data in transit’ (via SSL encryption), as well as data at rest (via AES Encryption at Rest).

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