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SnapLogic, Maritz Optimize No-Code Integration for Employee Engagement, Customer Loyalty Programs

As cloud-based integration gets smarter and easier to use, it is driving next-gen business solutions, Maritz Motivation Solutions is using SnapLogic’s iPaaS for employee engagement and customer loyalty programs.   IDN talks with SnapLogic’s Allen Lovett about the project – and how AI and self-service bring new power to iPaaS.

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Electric Cloud Delivers Rich Analytics for DevOps; Correlates Data and Views from Multiple Tools

Electric Cloud’s latest application releases automation tool Electric Flow 8.0 brings a new dimension of insight to DevOps. The updated release can capture metrics from dozens, if not hundreds of tools across the software delivery pipeline. Further, it can correlate that data into centralized, custom dashboards.

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SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines Deliver Real-Time, Enterprise-Class Integration To iPaaS

SnapLogic is taking another step to make iPaaS more high-performance and enterprise-grade. SnapLogic’s Ultra Pipelines can access and integrate data at nearly real-time speeds and deliver more data-centric integration capabilities. IDN talks with SnapLogic’s Timothy Lui.

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Qubole Previews Cloud-Based Platform for Auto-Scaling Big Data

Qubole is looking to change the game for cloud-based analytics by building a new auto-scaling big data platform in the cloud. The service looks to remove complexities of using Hadoop and Hive as well as speed up the ability to build and deploy apps that use large data volumes. 

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Schneider Electric Uses Cloud9 for SaaS-Based Sales Analytics

A unit of Schneider Electric is using Cloud9 Analytics’ Pipeline Accelerator Suite to provide its sales managers SaaS-based analytics and visibility.  The project will provide Schneider sales teams a unified view of all sales pipeline data across disparate corporate and on-demand systems. 

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