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Single Sign-On Ships for Microsoft, Java, Apache

A small San Diego web services security firm is shipping a centrally manageable security software solution to offer developers and sysadmins single-sign-on capabilities for mixed apps using Microsoft, Java and Open Source technologies. See how cross-platform identity and security management might not have to wait for next-gen standards. Also, get the free download.

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Visual Studio 2004 to Speed Programming, Integration

Microsoft's 2004 plans for Visual Studio a.k.a. Whidbey include better tools for XML, data access, performance tuning and code reuse -- key areas geared to make devs more efficient programmers and better integrators. It will also support new WSE (Web Services Extensions) upgrades. For a drill-down view of Whidbey, IDN spoke with Microsoft's Ari Bixhorn, Visual Studio's Lead Product Manager.

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Inside Whidbey: Microsoft’s View for Visual Studio 2004

This week, Microsoft offered devs a sneak peek and a roadmap for its 2004 edition of Visual Studio (a.k.a. Whidbey). The company also unveiled a revamped program to promote partnerships with smaller dev shops and ISVs. In sum, the tools, technologies and outreach are all geared toward making devs more efficient and better integrators. To give you a deeper view, IDN spoke with Microsoft's Ari Bixhorn, Visual Studio's Lead Product Manager.

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What IBM's Rational Buyout Means to Developers

IBM's $2.1 billion buyout of Rational is official. Rational VP Eric Schurr told IDN what Java and Microsoft developers can expect post-merger. One big focus will be to empower the move from straight developer to "developer-as-integrator." Read the full interview here.

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It's Official: IBM Owns Rational - Now What?

IBM's $2.1 billion buyout of Rational became official Friday. So, what happens now to one of the leading providers of tools to both Java and Microsoft developers? Rational VP Eric Schurr told IDN the company will continue support for Windows and .Net developers. Also, Rational may promote the "developer-as-integrator" at IBM. Read the full interview.

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IDC: "People Costs" Make Linux Costlier Than Windows

In a study released this month, the International Data Corp found that the nominally "free" Linux can be more expensive to own, run and maintain than Windows 2000 servers for many popular applications. The reason? Total hardware/software costs for both Linux and Windows 2000 were less than 10% of the total 5-year cost of ownership. The big-ticket items are people costs for maintaining, integrating and securing those servers.

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Microsoft Preps to Expand Source Sharing Programs

Microsoft is considering plans to broaden its programs for sharing source code from Windows, CE, .NET and other technologies. In fact, one program being discussed in Redmond would enable developers access to certain Windows source through a smart card. There is even a "community collaboration" process being reviewed, where Microsoft will launch online newsgroups for support and advice. Much of this "opening" of software will be managed by Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative. Integration Developer News spoke with Jason Matesow, program manager for Microsoft's SSI, to get more details on how Microsoft's "open" software plans might affect developers.

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Liberty, WS-Security Uniting Over SAML Standards

Last month, the Liberty Alliance Project elected a new president Michael Barrett, vice president for Internet strategy at American Express. Since his election, Barrett has left little doubt that he will push those vendors sparring over identity and security standards -- notably Sun, IBM and Microsoft -- to reach an agreement on interoperability. In this special focus, Integration Developer News tracks down execs from Sun, Microsoft, RSA and others to get an update on how well the "peace talks" are going. See why these talks may be going better than you thought.

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Microsoft Ponders Full Reuse License for CE, Rotor Work

Microsoft licensing execs may soon allow developers to truly profit from the work they do cleaning up and improving Microsoft's CE and Rotor code, the head of Microsoft's Shared Source program Jason Matusow told Integration Developer News. Learn how you might profit from Microsoft's plan to launch a "non-commercial derivative license" program for CE and Rotor.

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"Mono," the Open Source .NET, Ready for Developers

On the first anniversary of the launch of The Mono Project -- an "Open Source" version of .NET, which is based on C# and will run on Unix/Linux platform -- the technology is ready for developers. Integration Developer News spoke with Mono's creator Miguel de Icaza, who has also spearheaded work on the GNOME open source desktop.

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From VB 6 to VB .NET: Making the Move -- Part II

In Part II of a two-part series on migrating developer skills and enterprise assets from VB to VB.NET, the senior technical team from Greystone Solutions provides developers a key checklist for moving from VB to VB.NET, including .NET compatibility; use of ASP .NET and ADO .NET; and migrating existing applications to .NET technologies.

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Resources Galore Help Developers with Microsoft's WSDK

Last week, Microsoft released a "technical preview" of its Web Services Development Kit (WSDK), ahead of the general release late this fall. Key elements of the WSDK are aimed at providing developers with the first codesets to help them build services that use proposed workflow standards (including WS-Routing and WS-Referral). To jumpstart developers, Integration Developer News has provided a one-stop round-up on Microsoft WSDL resources.

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Leverage Microsoft .Net & WCF for Your Enterprise SOA

During this webinar, learn how Microsoft / SOA Software is empowering your team to more quickly and easily design, build, test and deliver these sought-after SOA management features:

  • Dynamic policy management & updates
  • Kerberos authentication
  • Contract-based authorization
  • SLA management
  • Microsoft – J2EE end-to-end SOA management  (BizTalk, WCF, Azure, AppFabric, Visual Studio)
  • Exception and performance monitoring


The Microsoft Private Cloud

  • David Greschler - Director, Virtualization and Cloud Strategy

CLOUD-CON: Virtualization - Keynote Case Study Panel

  • Symantec: Mike Reynolds - Storage and Availability Management Group 
  • IBM: Snehal S. Antani - Private Cloud Strategy & Product Management
  • Nimsoft: Andy Kicklighter - Senior Technical Product Manager
  • Red Hat: Gordon Haff - Chief Evangelist for Private Cloud/Virtualization
  • Microsoft: David Greschler - Director, Virtualization and Cloud Strategy