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Today's Portals "Inadequate" for Web Services?

A stunning report from web services analysts Zapthink for portal developers recently predicted that today's web-based portals will prove "wholly inadequate" for loosely coupled, distributed web applications. Read why the solution may be "rich clients," of all things. And why such an approach could save devs lots of time -- and headaches.

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Developers with XML Content Skills in Demand

An explosion in demand for developers who know how to build, manage and update dynamic XML-based content is coming -- starting this year, at least according to a study by Zapthink. See why developers who know how to use XML to deliver smart and inexpensive content solutions for end users will create new job opportunities.

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Dynamic Content to Spur Demand for XML Skills

In 2003, enterprise developers and end users are spending more time trying to find and format content than they spend creating it. See why ZapThink says this trend will create a huge opportunity for developers skilled in XML and web services to provide cost-effective solutions to their companies.

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