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Parasoft in JavaOne security display

Parasoft has announced that it will be displaying the next generation of application security solutions at the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco later today May 9th.

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Enterprise Ajax + SOA = User-Driven IT

Alone, SOA and Ajax both promise considerable payback to IT, but combined the two technologies are two sides of the same coin enabling a new class of Web-based applications called Rich Enterprise Applications or REAs. John Crupi and Chris Warner from JackBe discuss uses for REA and how this new platform expands the power of both Ajax and SOA.

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Tips To Blend Ajax, Spring, JSF with J2EE

A unique hands-on roadshow to help architects and devs improve their lightweight Java EE skills is making its way to a city near you. Open Source Live! will offer attendees intense hands-on Practicums with some of Java's best-known authors and experts on AJAX, Spring, Java Server Faces, Hibernate, Maven, JUnit, TestNG and AspectJ. IDN speaks with Open Source Live! founder P. Vilas Tulachan.

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ICEsoft: Bringing Ajax to the Enterprise

ICEsoft Technologies Inc. is taking new steps to bring Ajax to the enterprise. The company has put into Open Source its ICEfaces dev framework, which tightly connects client-side Ajax to J2EE, to Open Source, and launched Web 2.0 dev community for those tools. IDN speaks with Icesoft CTO Steve Maryka to get a pulse on enterprise Web 2.0 apps using Ajax.

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Evans: Global Web 2.0 Use To Zoom n 2007

In 2007, Evans Data Corp. studies say enterprise devs with Web 2.0 skills in Ajax, RIA, REST and alike will enjoy great career benefits. Further, Evans says top ISVs and toolmakers are gearing up to support a variety of worldwide developer communities. IDN speaks with Evans' CEO John Andrews about 2007 dev trends, in advance of its annual Developer Relations event, March 1213.

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IONA: ESBs Deliver Telcos Low-Cost Agility

Iona Technologies' Artix ESB is helping one of Europe's largest telcos build its next-gen services infrastructure. The Iona win shows ESB' maturing power to integrate with legacy, easily enable new services, and support complex standards. IDN interviews one Iona exec to put its ESB telco win in context for enterprise IT.

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Sonic Suggests ESB Definition to Ease Chaos

The ESB sector is quickly becoming rife with confusion. And, while there is growing consensus among vendors (and end users) than an ESB is supposed to provide a mediation layer between legacy and SOA resources, there are devils in the details. Sonic Software has put its ESB Definition into the marketplace, and execs say the document lays out ESB hallmarks architects and devs should look for.

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Iona Pushes ESB Integration, Interop Envelop

Iona Technologies showed JavaOne attendees how the latest Java-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technologies will push capabilities for cross-platform integration and interop. Iona, with Sun, Oracle, and SAP, showed how an ESB with Java Business Integration (JBI) can ease data sharing among apps, and smooth interop between Java and .NET components.

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How ESBs Fill Web Services Management Gaps

While XML and WS-I standards continue to evolve to support enterprise-caliber web services, another piece is growing in importance. The Enterprise Service Bus is poised to provide needed manageability and visibility to service-driven integrations, says one seasoned Java and .NET technologist. Further, ESB architectures may provide interop options, as they begin to play big roles in Microsoft's .NET framework.

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Top IT Trials To Burst "Go Live" Logjam

The longest IT logjam in 20 years is about to break free, says John Goodson, a vice president of production operations for DataDirect Technologies. After long periods of testing and stalling, IT's biggest 'pet theories' in 2005 will finally get into full-scale, real-life enterprise production, Goodson predicts. See which ones Goodson says have the best upside.

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Five IT Pilots Going 'Production Grade' in '05

The major theme for the year ahead will be turning some of IT's biggest 'pet theories' into full-scale, real-life production assets, says John Goodson, a vice president of production operations for DataDirect Technologies. See which IT trial balloons Goodson says will get swift upward momentum, and how architects and senior devs can benefit.

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Meta Group's 6 'Musts' for BPM Tools

Architects and devs frustrated by a fragmented BPM market of more than 140 different tools may finally get some relief in 2005. The Meta Group's new report shows CIOs, architects and devs the Top 6 features to look for in a business process management solution. Review the checklist.

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