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Pegasystems Helps Insurers Build Profits, New Business

Pegasystems Inc. is shipping a BPM-rooted solution aimed at helping insurers drive new business and retain existing accounts. The 'New Business Backbone' helps automate many manual processes by integrating BPM, Best Practices and case management features.

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Teclo Perl Code Sample

Telco Code Sample

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Unified Protocol Proposed for Java, .NET "Events"

A leading group of tech experts from Java, .NET and the middleware sector have gotten together a proposal called WS-Eventing for helping make it easier for architects and devs to integrate web services components into high-performance applications. IDN looks why devs shouldn't be worried about an apparent competing plan from IBM, and how details of the XML/SOAP-based plan, will help ISVs mask the complexity of SOA integration projects.

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