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JackBe, EMS Brings ERP Mashups to Higher Education

Mashup innovator JackBe is partnering with EMS-Intelligent Chaos (EMS-IC) to bring ERP mashups to colleges and universities. The goal is to make information more accessible and useful to students and professors.

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Harvard Prof Likens J2EE to an SUV; Devs React

One Harvard professor, after completing a web services assignment, this month compared Java to an SUV of dev tools, claiming it was overkill in some areas and not up-to-snuff when really going off-road. Reaction from the Java/J2EE community was swift -- although not as predictable as you might think. By special arrangement with J2EE community portal, IDN helps you take a look at how Java/J2EE devs see the state of their art, and at the Harvard comments that started it all.

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