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OASIS Adopts SPML 1.0 Spec, On To SPML 2.0

SPML 1.0, an XML approach for cross-platform provisioning and for secure web services, was adopted Nov. 3 by OASIS. Supported by heavyweights IBM, Microsoft, CA, work is already underway for SPML 2.0 to bring more provisioning and security features to web services and SOA devs. Get the latest on SPML's use, the final docs, and insights from Darran Rolls, chair of the OASIS Service Provisioning Markup Language Technical Committee, for using SPML.

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SPML Dev Toolkit Open for Free Download

This week, developers can download a free, Open Source toolkit for SPML -- as OASIS nears full adoption of the SPML 1.0 standard, which uses XML to help ensure cross-platform interoperability for identity and access-control technologies. Take a test drive of the latest tools for helping devs build secure end-to-end web services.

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SPML Passes Demo As Multi-Platform Provisioning Spec

OASIS execs passed a hurdle earlier this month, as they successfully demoed the Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML) as an XML-derived standard for multi-platform provisioning. While not yet an adopted standard, SPML advocates are eyeing OASIS adoption by the end of the summer. See if this proposed standard passes muster with your needs.

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OASIS to Demo Interoperable Web Services Security

Next week, OASIS looks to tackle head on the vexing issue of provisioning web services security, as it gives the first public demo of SPML, a proposed XML-based B2B framework for provisioning, exchanging and administering user access and other resource rights. At the debut, execs also intend an interoperability demo of multiple vendors' software products that have implemented first-generation Service Provisioning Markup Language.

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