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Microsoft Services for Unix is Faster, and Free

To improve connectivity between Windows and Unix/Linux devs, Microsoft has released an upgrade to its Services for Unix Windows-to-Unix/Linux interoperability software. Starting with the current SFU 3.5 release, the software is now free to all Windows users. Get details on where SFU 3.5 zips up protocol and file performance, and get the free download.

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Microsoft Eyes Upgrades to Window-to-Unix Tools

Microsoft is beginning to scope out a beta program for its Services for Unix (SFU) product, aimed at providing interoperability -- and even integration -- features between Windows and Unix/Linux platforms. See what may be in store for the future SFU, and how it's already making an impact in mixed Windows/Unix, Linux sites.

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  • Bernd Gross - SVP of IoT (and cloud) CEO of Cumulocity