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Proposed Spec To Let Web Services Go Wireless

During this week's Intel Developer Forum, Intel, Microsoft, BEA Systems, and Cannon will propose WS-Discovery, a new web service spec that will describe ways for devices to find and connect to conventional, wired Web services. The spec, to be called WS-Discovery, would work with both .NET and Java-based wireless devices.

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OASIS Eyes Open Web Services Management Specs

There's good news this week for those Java and .Net developers and sysadmins who want vendors to pay more attention to developing open standards for managing end-to-end web services. OASIS continues to push an agenda for cross-platform, web services management standards.

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W3C Issues "Last Call" on Web Services Descriptions

The W3C has issued its "Last Call" draft defining web services, and laying out the basic code requirements and architecture. This core spec, with final deadline for comment Dec. 31, will put to an end many of the political and technical debates over what a "web service" truly is. Most importantly to integration developers, this W3C doc finally begins to define how to build a web service that will interoperate with other systems.

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OASIS Explores Protocol To Manage B2B Web Services

OASIS has taken on another massive project that could further define the role -- and architecture -- of web services in the B2B arena. A new committee, called the OASIS Management Protocol Technical Committee, is taking on the task of defining a new inter-enterprise protocol that would enable developers and sysadmins to build, monitor and manage web services interactions between companies. IDN interviews the chair of the committee to get an outlook of their goals for the upcoming months.

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