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Progress Goes Beta with SQL-Driven DataDirect Cloud Connectivity Management Service

Progress Software is taking its well-regarded ODBC driver approach to cloud-focused integration with the beta launch of DataDirect Cloud SaaS-based connection management service. DataDirect Cloud offers simplified SQL connectivity to cloud-based data sources using a single standards-based interface. IDN speaks with DataDirect’s vice president Michael Benedict.

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Progress To Divest On-Premise SOA Products; Focus on Cloud, aPaaS.

Progress Software, one of the IT firms credited with inventing the ESB, is getting out of the on-premise SOA infrastructure business to focus on cloud-enabled IT. Progress will offer a cloud-based application development and deployment platform to meet the exploding demand for creation, migration and adoption of SaaS and cloud services. Progress will divest Actional, Orbix, Savvion BPM and Sonic SOA infrastructure products by late 2013.

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IDN Expert Voices: SOA's Next-Gen Agility

SOA is poised to deliver a new generation of agility, by applying SOA’s powerful loosely-coupled principals beyond your technology – and directly to your people. IDN 'Expert Voices' speaks with Hub Vandervoort, CTO at Progress Software, for new ways to improve the effective of your SOA team working on Process, Policy, Data and Services. 

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BPM in 2011: Virtusa, Progress Team Up for RPM Education, Engagements

IT services firm Virtusa Corp. is teaming with Progress Software to launch a new service aimed at helping clients extend business process management (BPM) to deliver support for real-time control and visibility into operations. The Virtusa RPM Test Drive is based on Progress’ Responsive Process Management technologies.

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Progress RBI ‘Scores’ More Agility for SOA Services, Data and Policy

As the baseball season gets underway, Progress Software has its own RBI strategy to help SOA score more business value for enterprises.  The Responsive Business Integration suite aims to ensure SOA services, data services and policies are more agile, reusable and adaptable to quickly meet changing business needs. RBI includes Sonic ESB, DataXtend and Actional.

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Skyward Prepares ‘BPM-Aware’ App with Progress OpenEdge BPM Platform

Workflow management system provider Skyward Inc. is using Progress Software’s OpenEdge BPM platform to bring business processes directly into their application. The Progress OpenEdge BPM platform, announced last year, infuses the OpenEdge database with capabilities for modeling, monitoring and management to easily build BPM-aware apps. 

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Progress Software Upgrades Apama Event Processing

Progress Software Corp. is shipping an upgrade to its Apama event processing platform. Apama 4.3 sports an updated Event Processing Language (EPL) and a new generation of real-time dashboarding to give devs and business users more control over how they see and respond to complex business events

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Progress Upgrades DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET

Progress Software is shipping DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET 3.5, a new option for architects and devs looking to improve performance and usability for Microsoft Entity Framework 4.0 to applications using Oracle, Sybase ASE and DB2. 

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Progress Software Aims To Simply SaaS for ISVs

Progress Software is working on a new portal that will help ISVs take the cost, complexity and aggravation out of moving applications to the cloud. Progress Arcade, a rich cloud-based portal of services, will simplify testing, demonstrating and deploying applications as cloud-based SaaS offerings for apps using Progress’ OpenEdge database.

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FuseSource Goes Independent for Open Source Integration, Messaging

In a sign of the maturing of open source middleware, FuseSource Corp., a unit of Progress Software, is going independent.  FuseSource will continue to offer open source integration and messaging software, tools, training, and consulting based on Apache ServiceMix, Camel, MQ messaging and other middleware-related projects.  

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Progress Software Brings BPM Capabilities to OpenEdge Database, Apps

Progress Software is looking to lower the cost and complexity of end-to-end BPM projects with an innovative approach to allow ISVs to BPM-enable business applications directly. The Progress OpenEdge BPM initiative looks to cut DBMS licensing fees and reduce deployment complexity.

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Air France-KLM Uses Progress RPM for More Responsive SOA

Air France-KLM Airlines is using Progress Software’s Responsive Process Management (RPM)  suite to improve agility and real-time responsiveness of its SOA-based systems for operations and customer reservations. The project is enabled by Progress’ Actional SOA Management platform.

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Open Integration with OSGi

Progress MultiTouch Video1

Progress FUSE Open Source Messaging Online Retail

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A New Economy Approach to SOA Prioritizing Business ROI with SOA, BPM, Events (Part 1)

A Financial Use Case Using SOA to See BPM End-to-End and Amplify ROI (Part 2)

A Get Started Guide for IT and Business Implementation, Blueprints, Practices (Part 3)

Driving Top-Line Growth ~ Not Just Operational Efficiency

  • Dr. M. Ketabchi - Chief Scientist

BPM-CON Case Study Keynote Panel

  • Progress Software: Dr. M. Ketabchi - Chief Scientist
  • IBM: Dave Marquard - Manager, BPM Product Marketing
  • Oracle: Dan Tortorici - Director of BPM Product Marketing

Unleashing SOA - Faster Response to Business Change

  • Hub Vandervoort - CTO for Enterprise Infrastructure

SOA Summit Keynote Case Study Panel

SOA Summit - Case Study Keynote Panel - February 23 2012

  • Red Hat: Pierre Fricke - Director, Integration and BPM Product Marketing
  • Progress Softare: Hub Vandervoort - CTO, Enterprise Infrastructure 
  • SnapLogic: Marco Massenzio - Director Engineering (Server & Cloud)
  • Ping Identity: Pam Dingle - Senior Technical Architect, Office of the CTO
  • IBM: Bob Laird Enterprise Architect – SOA Foundation Group
  • FuseSource: Rob Davies, CTO FuseSource Co-Creator ASF Active MQ, Service Mix Camel  
  • SOA Software: Ian Goldsmith - VP, Product Management

Enterprises Need Customer-Centric Applications – Can They Build them in BPM?

  • Dr. M. Ketabchi - Chief Strategist

BPM-CON: Case Study Keynote Panel

  • [Progress Software]: Dr. M. Ketabchi - Chief Strategist
  • [IBM]: Brian Safron - Program Director, WebSphere Business Rules and Events
  • [Oracle]: Dan Tortorici - Director of BPM Product Marketing

Multi-dimensional SOA at the - Edge of Enterprise

  • Hub Vandervoort - CTO, Enterprise Infrastructure 

Top 7 Data API Headaches And How To Handle Them

  • Jeff Reser
    Sr. Product Strategist