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IDN Expert Voices: Policing the Cloud

Cloud computing is changing how enterprises look at end-to-end IT operations. As cloud adoption soars, CIOs want to “police the cloud” to ensure business-critical manageability and governance.  IDN 'Expert Voices' speaks with Cathy Lippert, Director of Oracle SOA Governance, to learn how SOA Governance is being tuned for Cloud Governance, including security, policy compliance and even SLAs.

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Gartner: BI, Analytics Sector Enjoys Robust Recovery, Tops $10 Billion in 2010

Gartner reports the business intelligence (BI) market, including analytics and performance management software hit $10.5 billion in 2010, a double-digit jump from 2009.  Garter credited stimulus-related spending, recovery in global IT spending and new product updates. The Gartner BI Summit 2011 happens this week in Los Angeles.

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Oracle AIA 3.1 Ships with First Wave of Pre-Built Process Integrations

Oracle says that middleware isn’t always the best solution for some integration tasks. So, its latest upgrade to Oracle Application Integration Architecture ships bundled with pre-built packs for cross-industry, vertical and direct process integrations.

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ACCO Uses SOA, BPEL and Oracle To Ensure Order-To-Shipment

ACCO Brands, a leading office products supplier is, using a suite of Oracle SOA, BPEL and middleware to make sure its end-to-end systems always ‘get the memo.”  ACCO can ensure its shipment/confirmation information automatically gets routed across commerce, order management and distribution apps. 

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Patni Teams with Top Software Firms on Enterprise Mobility

Patni, a worldwide computer services firm, is teaming with the top enterprise software makers to create a Mobility Application Architecture (MAA) that will allow IT to easily support mobile access and collaboration with legacy and web-based data and applications.

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Oracle Adds Features to Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

Oracle released an upgrade to its Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Applications. The new release expands integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and adds analytics features to allow better tracking of projects, procurements and spending.

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Oracle Coherence Upgrades End-to-End Data, Transaction Integrity

Oracle’s latest upgrade to its Coherence in-memory distributed data grid solution sports new features to boost end-to-end reliability of traffic and transactions, including to and from J2EE to  .NET and even the cloud. IDN goes in-depth about Coherence 3.6 with Oracle vice president for development Cameron Purdy.

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Oracle BPM Upgrades Look to Boost Project Simplicity, Effectiveness

Oracle’s just-announced Business Process Management Suite 11g aims to simplify and improve effectiveness of enterprise-wide BPM projects with key upgrades.  Oracle BPM Suite 11g sports a unified process foundation, a user-centric design and collaboration tools to put IT and business stakeholders on the same page.

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IBM, Oracle, Metastorm and Progress To Speak at BPM-CON on June 29

‘The Future of BPM,’ an online conference for Business Process Management will be held June 29, and will attract some 1,000 IT executives and business managers.  BPM experts from IBM, Oracle Corp., Metastorm and Progress Software will present, according to the event’s producer Integration Developer News.

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Oracle’s Tuxedo 11g Redefines Mainframe Rehosting

Oracle Corp. is shipping Tuxedo 11g, the latest upgrade to its Tuxedo transaction processing platform. With its range of upgrades, Tuxedo 11g offers automated tooling, SOA-enablement and mainframe caliber integrity to cut complexity, cost and risk from mainframe modernization projects.

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Oracle BI Suite Powers Clinical Development Analytics

Oracle is shipping a new BI-based set of analytics to help life sciences organizations operate their clinical programs more efficiently, get more timely access to information so they can make informed decision and even help accelerate the development of new drugs.

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Analysis: A Look at Oracle-Sun's Impact on 'Horizontal' Integration

Oracle Corp. officially closed its $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems on Wednesday. IDN offers a look at how the “vertical integration” of Oracle-Sun will impact horizontal integration, as well as a review of Oracle’s horizontal integration plans for Java, app servers, SOA and cloud.

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Oracle Service Bus 11g - Extending Oracle SOA Suite Leadership

  • Bruce Tierney - Product Director for Oracle Fusion Middleware Software - focusing on Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus 

ESB-CON 2010: Case Study Keynote

Expert Speakers:

  • IBM: Marc-Thomas Schmidt - Distinguished Engineer and IBM Chief Architect SOA Connectivity
  • Oracle: Bruce Tierney - Product Director for Oracle Fusion Middleware Software

Taking Advantage of Changing Business Conditions with BPM

  • Dan Tortorici - Director of BPM Product Marketing

BPM-CON Case Study Keynote Panel

  • Progress Software: Dr. M. Ketabchi - Chief Scientist
  • IBM: Dave Marquard - Manager, BPM Product Marketing
  • Oracle: Dan Tortorici - Director of BPM Product Marketing

Command and Control to Drive Profits and Decision Making

  • Dan Tortorici - Director of BPM Product Marketing

BPM-CON: Case Study Keynote Panel

  • [Progress Software]: Dr. M. Ketabchi - Chief Strategist
  • [IBM]: Brian Safron - Program Director, WebSphere Business Rules and Events
  • [Oracle]: Dan Tortorici - Director of BPM Product Marketing

Bullet-proof your SOA and Cloud Architectures

  • Jyothi Swaroop, Product Director

Command and Control to Drive Profits and Decision Making

  • Dan Tortorici - Director, Product Marketing

Simplifying Integration & SOA in the Enterprise and in the Cloud

  • Bruce Tierney -
    Director for Oracle SOA Suite 

Next Generation Intelligent Applications with BPM

  • Ajay Khanna - Director, BPM Product Marketing

Integrating Cloud and Mobile for the Responsive Enterprise

  • Bruce Tierney - Director of Oracle SOA Suite

SOA Summit Agenda

Mobile IT Agenda

  • [IBM] Vijay Dheap - Global Product Manager, Mobile Security Solutions
  • [Ping Identity] Paul Madsen - Senior Technical Architect, Office of the CTO
  • [Rocket Software] Greg Mummah - Product Manager
  • [Oracle] Peter Utzschneider - Vice President of Product Management

Rise of the Mobile Machines: Oracle’s Solution for Device-to-Data Center

  • Peter Utzschneider: VP of Product Management

Integrating Cloud & Mobile for the Responsive Enterprise

  • Bruce Tierney - Director of Oracle SOA Suite

A Standards-Based Framework 4 Cloud Identity

  • Paul Madsen - Senior Technical Architect, Office of the CTO

Business-Driven Accelerated Results

  • Ajay Khanna - Director of Product Marketing

Three Solutions for Simplifying Cloud/On-Premises Integration

  • Bruce Tierney - Director, SOA Suite

Adaptive Case Management – Delivering Right Customer Experience

Ajay Khanna - Director, Product Marketing

SOA Summit Agenda

  • [Oracle]: Bruce Tierney - Director for Oracle SOA Suite
  • [Ping Identity]: Loren Russon - VP of Product Management & Design
  • [SOA Software]: Sachin Agarwal - VP, Product Marketing and Strategy
  • [Axway]: Mark O’Neill - VP, Innovation
  • [Red Hat]: Kenny Peeples - JBoss Technology Evangelist

Simplifying Cloud and On-Premises Integration

  • Bruce Tierney
    Director for Oracle SOA Suite


Oracle Process Accelerators

What’s New in Oracle Integration - Simplify Integration to Cloud and Mobile

  • Bruce Tierney
    Director – Oracle SOA Suite

Intelligent Adaptive Processes for a New Digital Era

  • Mala Ramakrishnan
    Director of Product Marketing

SOA and API Management

  • Peter Belknap
    Director, Product Management, Oracle

Applying a Data-centric Security Strategy to the Cloud

  • Troy Kitch
    Sr. Principal Director, Security Software

Oracle Mobile Security

  • Dave Smith
    Sr. Principal, for Identity Management and Security

Rapid Process Automation in the Cloud - Oracle Process Cloud Service

  • Mala Ramakrishnan - Dir. of Product Marketing
  • Nathan Angstadt - Dir. of Product Management

Oracle Integration Cloud Service Demonstration

  • Bruce Tierney - Director of Cloud Integration

Future Proof your Big Data Integration Solutions

  • Madhu Raviendran Nair - Director Product Marketing

API Manager Cloud Service & SOA Cloud Service - Build your Digital Business in the Cloud

  • Scott Haaland - Principal Product Manager

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Overview

  • Joe Huang - Product Management for Oracle Mobile Platform

Digital Engagement in the Cloud

  • Mala Ramakrishnan - Director of Product Marketing
  • Nathan Angstadt - Director of Product Management

Simplifying Integration Using Oracle Integration Cloud Service

  • Ram Menon - Product Marketing Director / Oracle Cloud Integration

Identity Management in a Digital Economy

  • Ricky Arora - Sr. Director, Product Management

Data Preparation And Data Wrangling in the Cloud

  • Madhu Nair - Product Marketing Director, Oracle Data Integration

Simplifying API Management & Integration

  • Darko Vukovic - A Director, Oracle Cloud Platform for Integration
  • Bruce Tierney - Manager, Integration Cloud, Product Management

Cloud, Mobile + IoT - Bring It Together with Oracle Cloud

  • Prasen Palvankar - Sr Director, Prod Mgmt - Oracle IoT Cloud Service

Paperless. Wireless. Frictionless - The Future of Work

  • Daryl Eicher - Director Product Marketing Content and Process
  • Howard Moore - CEO (Keste)

Integrating using Oracle Integration Cloud Service

  • Bruce Tierney - a director of Oracle Cloud Platform for Integration

Simplify Application Integration: Connecting your Business for Faster Time to Market

  • Bruce Tierney - a director, Oracle Cloud Platform for Integration

Oracle Mobile: Mobile Offers at Manchester Airport

  • Ian Wallis - Director, Mobile PaaS Business Development

Connecting Your Microservices and Cloud Services with Oracle Integration

  • Robert Wunderlich - Senior Principal Product Manager

Secure and Manage the Hybrid Cloud

  • Troy Kitch - Sr. Director, Cloud Business Group, CISSP
  • Greg Jensen - Sr. Principal Director, Cloud Business Group