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Embedded Dev Wages Spike, Job Index Says

Wages for devs with expertise in embedded systems spiked in Q3 2005, according to the latest IT survey data from the Yoh Index of Technology Wages. Overall, appdev wages remained strong for .NET, Java, C/C++ and DBA skills. IDN provides the Yoh latest stats, and shows the changes from Q2.

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Oracle Integration: Starting with Perl

With Oracle Open World to be held next week in San Francisco, Oracle execs and users say that integration capabilities of Oracle DBs and app servers will be a key focus in 2005. This week, IDN begins our "Integration with Oracle" series, with a a look at how devs and DBAs can use Perl for some projects. IDN speaks with Andy Duncan, co-author of O'Reilly's Perl for Oracle DBAs to get tips, tricks, and even some code samples.

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Using Perl for Oracle Integration Projects

Java, ASP and .NET developers working with Oracle, as well as Oracle DBAs, face increasing pressure to find affordable, full-featured tools to help with database integration development projects. One of the most affordable options, Perl scripting, has now become an even more powerful, cross-platform weapon, according to a recently released hands-on tech volume from O'Reilly. Integration Developer News talked with the author to get tips, tricks, and even some code samples.

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