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GT Software’s Ivory Service Architect Uses APIs, Web Services To Extend Mainframe Assets

GT Software continues to deliver easier ways to bring mainframe apps and data into the wider enterprise, including mobile, with updates to its Ivory Service integration tools.   Ivory Service Architect 5.0 lets IT better support mobile initiatives and modern integration needs

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GT Software Ships Update To Ivory Service Architect for SOA-Driven Mainframe Modernization

GT Software is shipping an upgrade to Ivory Service Architect v4.5.0, a key module of its Ivory Suite for mainframe modernization.  With the new enhancements, users can more easily access mainframe applications, data sources and processes, then use these assets to create new web services for mobile, web and cloud deployment.

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Parasoft Updates Service Virtualization To Speed Dev and Test for Mainframe, Complex Systems

Parasoft is shipping its latest upgrade to its Service Virtualization solution with more features to cut costs and reduce the difficulty of developing and testing complex mainframe and distributed systems. Parasoft Service Virtualization aims to help dev and QA teams access any test environment – anytime and anywhere.

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Attachmate Marries Enterprise Mobility with Mainframe, Legacy Assets

Attachmate Corp. is marrying mobile with the mainframe. The company’s MobileNow initiative, along with updates to Verastream, will help IT let smartphone and tablet users access valuable legacy and mainframe data, applications and more. IDN speaks with Attachmate execs about their MobileNow enterprise-class mobile solutions platform.

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Micro Focus Addresses Mainframe Skills Gap with Free “Personal Edition” of Enterprise Developer

Micro Focus is offering a free personal edition of its team-oriented dev environment for mainframe projects. The company’s Enterprise Developer Personal Edition aims to reduce the skills gap between COBOL, Java and C# devs with a simple, entry-level version of Micro Focus’ Enterprise Developer team suite. IDN speaks with Micro Focus’ Julia Ito.

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Clerity Update Will Migrate Mainframe Apps to Azure Cloud

For those who doubt the cloud has come a long way, baby Clerity plans to help mainframes migrate apps to the cloud with a newly-designed version of its UniKix Mainframe Rehosting software. The update will integrate Microsoft’s Visual Studio, System Center, IIS and even a complete .NET framework to promote full mainframe SaaS access.

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HostBridge for Mainframe Modernization Adds zIIP Features

HostBridge Technology, a provider of mainframe modernization software for IBM System z mainframes, is shipping its latest upgrade.  HostBridge 6.5 with HostBridge for zIIP runs with IBM’s System z Integrated Information Process (zIIP) specialty engine to boost processing capacity and avoid added fees.

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SOLA for IMS Pushes Mainframe SOA State-of-the-Art

SOA Software is shipping a version of its SOLA mainframe SOA solution tuned for IMS, allowing companies’ mainframe applications to more easily and efficiently consume Web services. SOLA for IMS also facilitates easy and agile reuse and extension of valuable IMS applications.

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IBM Marries Mainframes with Virtualization, Distributed Workloads

IBM’s latest mainframe modernization strategy uses workload integration and virtualization to extend mainframe-caliber features to select POWER7, System x environments, including governance, management and near real-time analytics.

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Alchemy Updates NeoData Mainframe Modernization Suite

Alchemy Solutions is shipping new releases from its NeoData suite of products. The new offerings aim to help organizations migrate mainframe applications and data faster and with lower risk.

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Clerity Helps ‘MMAP’ the Future of Mainframe Modernization

Clerity Solutions is helping clients assess their mainframe migration and modernization projects, and decide on the best architectures for their next-wave mainframe operations. The latest Clerity Migration and Modernization Assessment Process (MMAP) user is a Latin American securities exchange firm.

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Clerity, HP Team Up On Mainframe Modernization

Clerity Solutions is teaming up with HP to touring the world demonstrating how to migrate mainframe workloads to open systems platforms without impacting SLAs with Clerity’s UniKix mainframe rehosting technology.  The latest demo was at the Ciab 2010 Conference in São Paulo, Brazil, in June.

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SOLA Mainframe SOA

In SOLA – Mainframe SOA, Jim Crew discusses how leading financial firms are deploying safe and effective strategies for making mainframe assets available and reusable by a variety of SOA and web-based applications. Notably, Jim brings an end-user perspective, thanks to his role as a former executive at Merrill Lynch.  Details of SOLA tooling and architecture are featured.

  • Jim Crew: Vice President, SOLA 


Mainframe Modernization wtih IBM's Scott Searle

As 2010 gets underway, a large number of Chief Information Officers say they see ways to leverage and share valuable mainframe assets will be a top priority. 

Our Mainframe Modernization ‘Expert Voice’ for this edition, IBM’s Scott Searle, shares results of a revealing CIO study IBM conducted in 2009, details how the CIO findings are driving a powerful approach to mainframe modernization at Rational, which blends the best of COBOL, Java, .NET, SOA and Governance. 

IBM: Scott Searle, Program Director,
Rational Enterprise Modernization Products

Solving Business Driven Modernization Recipe for Rapid Legacy Modernization

Learn a 4-step recipe that helps CIOs and CEOs deliver business-driven mainframe modernization that strikes a right balance between cost, deliverables and ROI. 

  • Ronald Nunan - Senior Product Manager

Improving Operational Responsiveness With Mainframe SOA Enablement

 Jeff shares how customers are apply SOA techniques to overcome shortcomings of many traditional mainframe integration techniques.  The results: Leveraging DB2, IMS and other mainframe data for near real-time projects that deliver dramatically more business value.   

  • Jeff Overton - Progress DataDirect Shadow Product Management

Mainframe Modernization & SOA - Tactical Services...Strategic Goals


This session reviews several mainframe modernization scenarios, from transaction, integration,  Web 2.0 portals and even mainframe in the cloud. Automated technologies, Best Practices and simple deployment profiles are featured. 



  • Dan Speer - Director of Business Development


Enterprise Modernization on System z

A results-driven look at how IBM Rational tools and collaboration products are providing CIOs a  modern “bridge” to a new generation of mainframe development, empowering mainframe, mid-tier, Java, .NET and other developers to create and update legacy assets via service creation, deliver and management.

  • Raj Suryavanshi – Product Manager, WebSphere for z/OS
  • Christian Reilly – Strategy and Marketing, Enterprise Modernization for System z

Accelerating Products and Services Innovation on System z

A results-driven look at how IBM Rational tools and collaboration products are providing CIOs a  modern “bridge” to a new generation of mainframe development, empowering mainframe, mid-tier, Java, .NET and other developers to create and update legacy assets via service creation, deliver and management.


  • Scott Searle - Program Director, Enterprise Modernization Products


Proven and Practical Mainframe SOA Modernization

This session describes which types of mainframe modernization projects that can put best put SOA to good use, and yield the quickest and most powerful ROI.  Session also explores automated features of Seagulls LegaSuite technology. 


  • Greg Mummah - Product Manager


5 Factors for Effective Mainframe Integration

This session breaks down the mainframe integration problems into its basic parts, to help CIOs build up a simplified, successful strategy. Featured are 5 steps to mainframe modernization success, with a priority on and reducing costs while delivering better results.

  • Rob Morris - Chief Strategy Officer

Case Study Keynote


This powerful Case Study Roundtable features the ‘Top 7’ Mainframe SOA providers of technology, tools and services. Learn how their F1000 and government customers benefit from:  


  • Improved Efficiencies – Strong ROI from IT investments, and focus on business needs. 
  • Responsive Business – Faster turn-around from IT and business for meeting new business opportunities. 
  • Giving More Power, Attention to Customers, Partners, Shareholders  – Leverage valuable mainframe assets for powerful new applications for B2B, B2C, and real-time internal integration for BPM, dashboards and real-time IT.