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Latest SAML 2.0 Tech Pushes Federation Interop

The SAML 2.0 interop products list continues to grow, from big names and less familiar ones. IBM, NEC, RSA Security and NTT this week passed Liberty Alliance's SAML 2.0 interop testing. But, Ping Identity, a smaller federation firm also shipping this week with an intelligent approach to config consoles. IDN looks at how SAML 2.0 will help all-sized vendors and users converge their security between Liberty, SAML and Shibboleth.

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Amex, Fidelity Eye ID Theft Protections

IT execs from American Express, Fidelity Investments, and other F1000 firms plan on crafting Best Practices for protecting web-based applications against identity theft. We look at the planned "identity theft matrix," designed to map all possible identity theft vulnerabilities all the ways they can thwarted. Get a preview of the work, which will be done under the Liberty Alliance.

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SAML 1.0 is Adopted - What Developers Can Expect

More than 200 security and web services vendor members of OASIS have approved specs for SAML 1.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language). The approval, with no dissenting vote, sets in motion a standards-based movement for providing a common framework for web services security. But, while SAML 1.0 spells out the specs and the schema for web services identity management and single sign-on, it does not say how hundreds of vendors will implement the standard or even test for compliance and vendor-to-vendor interoperability. This week, Integration Developer News takes a hard look what SAML 1.0 provides, what's missing, and the willingness of vendors to fill in the gaps.

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Liberty, WS-Security Uniting Over SAML Standards

Last month, the Liberty Alliance Project elected a new president Michael Barrett, vice president for Internet strategy at American Express. Since his election, Barrett has left little doubt that he will push those vendors sparring over identity and security standards -- notably Sun, IBM and Microsoft -- to reach an agreement on interoperability. In this special focus, Integration Developer News tracks down execs from Sun, Microsoft, RSA and others to get an update on how well the "peace talks" are going. See why these talks may be going better than you thought.

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Sun, Microsoft Could Align Security For Web Services

There is growing hope that 'Liberty Alliance' and 'WS-Security' security plans will soon be interoperable. See why.

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