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Spring Powers LogicBlaze Component-Based ESB

LogicBlaze is bringing the power of the Spring framework to ESBs (Enterprise Service Buses), bringing a wide-open approach to component-based integration for all sorts of legacy and SOA architectures. See how Spring's ability to let architects and devs design and build Java apps through abstraction could let devs do up-the-stack integration ?for protocols and transports, data, application logic and even business logic.

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ESB Projects Team Up on Open Source JBI

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) projects put into Open Source by Iona Technologies and LogicBlaze will collaborate on a Java Business Integration (JBI) implementation. Find out how ESB cooperation may make it easier for to design and deploy an Open Source ESB option.

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Iona Pushes ESB Integration, Interop Envelop

Iona Technologies showed JavaOne attendees how the latest Java-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technologies will push capabilities for cross-platform integration and interop. Iona, with Sun, Oracle, and SAP, showed how an ESB with Java Business Integration (JBI) can ease data sharing among apps, and smooth interop between Java and .NET components.

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JBI Approved – Dawn of Easier J2EE Integration?

A new era in easier J2EE-based integration may be at hand for Java devs and architects, as the long-standing Java Business Integration specification (JSR 208) has been approved as a formal JSR by a 14-0 vote. But, notably, J2EE giants IBM and BEA abstained. Nonetheless, plans move forward to deliver a reference implementation by JavaOne. Get a look at the JBI, and its impact on J2EE enterprises - and vendors

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SOA Integration Java Specs Due Midyear

After over 2 years of vendor discussion, Sonic's Dave Chappell says 2005 will finally see the adoption of JSR-208 (Java Business Integration), which will set the stage for a new wave of Java-based integratable components. See why Chappell says JBI will make it easier for Java/J2EE architects and developers will find it easier to implement cutting-edge SOA-driven solutions.

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