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The Java Community Looks at Harmony

Since the Apache Project announced their Harmony project to build an Open Source implementation of J2SE, there have been piles of posting, blogs, emails and interviews - both pro and con. Integration Developer News takes a look at the sounds and fury from Java community members, including Sun execs James Gosling and Graham Hamilton, on Harmony.

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IDN Pick 6: A Quick Tour of Tiger's Stripes

Since Sun released J2SE Tiger, the biggest Java upgrade since the mid-1990s dozens of pubs, analysts, vendors and fellow Java devs have weighed in. Integration Developer News' Pick 6 gives readers the "best of the best'" of user assessments, expert Q&As, predictions and drill-down training, including a no-nonsense J2SE book and webinar. Get the best from Sun, Wily, HP, and Java experts Brett McLaughlin and David Flanagan from LinuxWorld, CNET, eWeek, Computerworld, and

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Download: NetBeans 4.0 IDE Beta from Sun

Last week, Sun released the NetBeans IDE 4.0 Beta, which sports a number of key upgrades, including: support for Tiger (J2SE 5.0), a rewritten Ant-based project system, and Java refactoring. Get more details, and access to the free download for Windows, Linux, Solaris and MacOS X.

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Countdown Starts for Java's Project Tiger

The countdown has begun to this summer's launch of J2SE 1.5 -- Project Tiger. Now available for beta review, the coming upgrade to Java 2 Standard Edition looks to address some of Java's most discussed ills -- including complexity of development, poor application monitoring and management, and insufficient rich client support.

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