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J2EE Specs Seek To Align with Non-Java World

As IDN reported earlier, the final J2EE 1.4 spec will be tabled to help developers using SOAP, WSDL and XML make sure their code runs across Java, .Net and Windows/Unix. But, the longer-term impacts for the Java/J2EE developer may reach wider than you might think, and open the Java community to a wide array of not-Java-only technologies. Read IDN's interview with a key Java exec.

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J2EE 1.4 Final Delayed To Support WS-I Interoperability

The release of the final J2EE 1.4 specification document will be delayed by several months to include the WS-I's Basic Profile for SOAP, WSDL and XML to ensoure interoperablity between Java and non-Java platforms. In an in-depth interview, hear how changes at the JCP will change the landscape for Java developers, and plans for making it easier to work with Windows and .Net projects.

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IBM Websphere Exec Says Sun is "Blocking Innovation"

Last week, IBM released Websphere 5, the latest upgrade to its J2EE-based application server, with several key supports for web services. Even so, a key IBM exec says Sun and current JCP rules are "blocking innovation," making it tough for J2EE vendors to push the web services envelop. See what's latest in Websphere 5, and why IBM thinks Sun may be putting a drag on J2EE web services innovations.

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"Extranet" Web Services on the Rise in Europe

Developers, at least on the other side of the Atlantic, are aggressive in their use of web services technologies. Borland, in a survey released at its BorCon 2002 in London, found more than half of respondents were looking at web services to help with B2B, B2C, supply chain and remote employee access.

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Java Execs Eye This Week's J2EE 1.4 Beta Release

This week, Sun makes the beta release of the J2EE 1.4 specification available for download. The key to this release is Java's support for web services standards (SOAP, XML and WSDL), and with this upgrade Java developers should be looking at their development in a new, more highly-integrated way. To find out just how J2EE 1.4 will shape the future of Java developers in a web services world, Integration Developer News spoke in depth with two of Sun's leading voices on J2EE: George Grigoryev, J2EE senior product manager, and Glen Martin, senior marketing manager for J2EE and web services.

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Sun's McNealy Questions JBoss Value; Developers Respond

Sun's CEO says Open Source may be "screwing up" Java vendors' business. Read his comments, and developer replies.

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