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ForgeRock’s Latest IRM Platform Gets Updates for Multi-Channel, Self-Service, Quick Configuration

ForgeRock Inc., a provider of open-platform identity relationship management (IRM) solutions is shipping a fully updated ForgeRock Identity Platform with a new version of its components for access management, identity management and identity gateway.

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2014’s RSA Event Focuses on How To Secure & Govern Today’s ‘Extended Enterprise’

Last month’s RSA Conference reported the biggest crowds ever – topping 28,500. It’s the best evidence yet that today we’re in the era of the “Extended Enterprise.”  Projects that push the boundaries of on-premises IT, such as APIs, big data, cloud, mobile and SaaS apps, are all redefining enterprise architectures. IDN looks at 2014’s RSA for where security and compliance are heading.

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Cirrhus9 Eyes Cloud Partners with C9 CSP Platform as a Service

This summer, Cirrhus9 launched C9 CSP, a cloud computing service platform designed to let service providers, managed hosing firms and IT services companies generate new revenue by offering its clients cloud computing infrastructure as a service.

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Survey: Financial IT Wants ‘Integrated’ Risk Management

An enterprise IT survey released this week finds financial firms coping with $500 billion in losses and write-downs looking for a more 'integrated' and balanced approach to risk management. Top 3 drivers: better capital allocation, better loss containment, and even protection against losing trust.

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F500 Dev Outsourcing in for Changes

Major U.S. IT outsourcing firms, including Accenture and IBM, will face tougher competition from specialized and offshore firms over the next two years, says a report just released from AMR Research. One big reason for this shift: F1000 firms are now willing to break up their mega-outsourcing 1-source contracts, and issue many smaller projects to best-of-breed providers.

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IT Outsourcing Game Set To Change Big Time

Major U.S. IT outsourcing firms, including Accenture and IBM, will face tougher competition from smaller firms, says a report AMR Research. A big reason for the shift: F1000 firms are now willing to break up their mega-outsourcing sole-source contracts, and issue smaller RFPs to find best-of-breed specialty providers.

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IT Spending Moving from CYA to SOA

A new report from Financial Insights claims that while IT spending is still dominated by concerns over regulatory compliance, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, a change in coming. Over the next two years there will be a shift toward migrating legacy architectures to SOA, and shoring up their data - through management and security projects.

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How Identity Rights Can Secure Web Services

With billions of digital identities being created around the globe, concerns about managing identities (and associated rights) are hitting an inflection point for many enterprise IT professionals. A CTO with several F500 firms looks at the rapidly changing landscape for enterprise and B2B security, and offers advice on creating a rights management policy that will comply with your growing use of web services - across your company and outside the firewall.

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How Architects Use ASPs for Code Design

Application Service Providers (ASPs) are back on the IT radar, in the wake of IBM's $182 million buyout of ASP Corio in January. But, ASPs today can help IT staffs, not just end users or salespeoples. Yaron Sinai, CEO of Elementools, offers a Case Study for how architects and devs use ASPs to make their code design and delivery projects more efficient.

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ThinkTank Explores How Web Services Can Cut Coding Costs

Some of the nation's best-known financial companies will meet in New York next week to explore how standards-based web services (and related open standards) can speed up projects by cutting the amount of code it takes developers to launch or modify a business process. Get an overview of the event, and some insight into how Merrill Lynch is using open standards to cut costs.

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