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HPE Mobile Center 2.0 Drives Mobile App Success with ‘Always On’ Testing -- Combines Lab Tests, Live Monitoring, Analytics

Launching a successful mobile app can feel like a Black Art. HPE Mobile Center 2.0 unifies testing, live monitoring and analytics to help apps pass the ‘mobile moment’ – that 30-second window when a user decides to use -- or drop -- your app. IDN speaks with HPE's Alon Inditzky. 

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Axway, Systar Deal Powers Next-Gen BAM for End-To-End Business Views; Combines Flows, APIs and Analytics Engine

Axway is whipping up a new wind in the BAM sector, thanks to its acquisition of Systar, maker of the “Tornado” business-centric performance management solution. IDN speaks with Axway’s Paul French about how the deal will let users visualize how system performance impacts business activities.

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IBM Upgrades MobileFirst; Supports Mobile Lifecycle To Promote Apps for People, Devices

Last week, IBM unveiled a wide range of upgrades to its MobileFirst platform and portfolio. To learn how these latest add-ons will support the full mobile app lifecycle – and meet the needs of devs, deployment teams, operations managers and even LOB managers responsible for mobile projects. IDN speaks with IBM general manager Marie Wieck.

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Vitria Updates Operational Intelligence for Real-Time Insights from Big Data, Events

Vitria Technology’s latest update to its operational intelligence platform delivers rapid, scalable and continuous real-time insights from big data analytics. Vitria OI 4 also derives insights from streaming events, and business processes. IDN speaks with Vitria execs.  

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Vitria’s KPI Builder App for its Operational Intelligence Platform Delivers Real-Time Insights

Vitria Technology is rolling out the first pre-built application for its Operational Intelligence platform. Vitria’s KPI Builder OI let business users monitor key performance indicators by tapping a wide range of historical and real-time data, including big data. The app also lets users make changes to ensure KPIs are met.

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Progress To Divest On-Premise SOA Products; Focus on Cloud, aPaaS.

Progress Software, one of the IT firms credited with inventing the ESB, is getting out of the on-premise SOA infrastructure business to focus on cloud-enabled IT. Progress will offer a cloud-based application development and deployment platform to meet the exploding demand for creation, migration and adoption of SaaS and cloud services. Progress will divest Actional, Orbix, Savvion BPM and Sonic SOA infrastructure products by late 2013.

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WebLayers, CloudOne Partner on Cloud-Based Software Delivery

WebLayers and CloudOne are cooperating to offer a pre-configured solution to allow diverse developer teams to collaborate using IBM Rational Team Consort across a secure virtual private cloud. The platform supports planning, work management, reporting and governance.

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Progress RBI ‘Scores’ More Agility for SOA Services, Data and Policy

As the baseball season gets underway, Progress Software has its own RBI strategy to help SOA score more business value for enterprises.  The Responsive Business Integration suite aims to ensure SOA services, data services and policies are more agile, reusable and adaptable to quickly meet changing business needs. RBI includes Sonic ESB, DataXtend and Actional.

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Correlsense Tracks Transactions, Performance for Cloud, Virtualized Apps

Correlsense is shipping a no-charge express edition of its SharePath product that brings transaction-level visibility and management across cloud, virtualized and on-premise environments.  SharePath detects, traces, records and correlates individual transactions end-to-end – from customer browser click to data center and back.  

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Forrester Says BI, Analytics Offers Huge Upside for IT Careers

Forrester’s latest enterprise BI survey finds interest in BI / analytics projects is skyrocketing. The trends signals big career opportunities in BI / analytics for IT integration, software and data architects. A top Forrester analyst shares five top reasons BI will be a powerful career move for IT professionals.

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SHI Goes Big on Cloud Infrastructure with HP, newScale

SHI International, one of the nation’s largest software resellers with $3 billion in revenue, is investing big in cloud computing infrastructure and data center projects. The company’s most recent partners in the build-out are HP and newScale.

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IBM Marries Mainframes with Virtualization, Distributed Workloads

IBM’s latest mainframe modernization strategy uses workload integration and virtualization to extend mainframe-caliber features to select POWER7, System x environments, including governance, management and near real-time analytics.

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