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Cloud Security Alliance’s Big Data Working Group Targets Security, Privacy

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has launched a Big Data Working Group to explore best practices and technology solutions for big data privacy and security, especially for sensitive data in the areas of government, health care and ecommerce.

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Fujitsu Interstage BPM Unites Automation, Analytics, SOA Loose-Coupling

Fujitsu’s latest update to its Interstage BPM/business process discovery platform combines BPM with automation, real-time analytics and SOA loose-coupling to deliver valuable process intelligence and improvement. To learn more about Interstage Business Process Manager Analytics V12, IDN talks with Fujitsu Interstage’s Chief Software Architect Keith Swenson.

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Fujitsu Pushes COBOL Support for Web Services

Fujitsu wants to bring better support for COBOL to the Eclipse IDE with plug-in modules for writing, editing and debugging COBOL to the Open Source framework. To date, Eclipse has focused on Java and C/C++. The decision to include COBOL in Eclipse follows Fujitsu's work earlier this year to bring COBOL support to Microsoft's .NET framework and Linux platforms.

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Crossing the Next Frontier of BPM: Introducing Process Intelligence

  • Keith Swenson - VP R&D, Chief Architect

Interstage Business Operations Platform: A Foundation for Smart Process Applications

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The Extended Enterprise – Pitfalls and Payoffs of Conducting Your Business Processes in the Cloud

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    Vice President, R&D