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Qualys, SANS Launch Free Cloud Service to Halt Top Cyberattacks

Qualys Inc. has teamed up with the SANS Institute and the Council on CyberSecurity on a free service to help enterprises implement the Top 4 Security Controls Cloud Service to ward off cyberattacks. The ‘Top 4’ cybersecurity service helps businesses identity top security threats from Windows PCs, and make sure controls are implemented.

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Polaris Expands Pre-Built Cloud Solutions for Financial Services

Polaris Software Lab Ltd. this month launched FT Grid, a set of cloud solutions specially built for a wide array of financial services needs. The FT (financial  technology) grid platform can handle 100 million customers, Polaris execs said. 

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SOA in 2011: BIAN Releases SOA-Based Framework to Cut Integration Costs for Banks

BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network), an international association of banks, vendors and service providers, has released a SOA-based “service landscape” framework to help banks cut integration costs and improve interoperability.

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Polaris Software Lab Launches Cloud-Ready Solution for Insurance

Polaris Software Lab Ltd, a global financial technology company, has launched a cloud-ready platform for the global insurance sector. Polaris’ Intellect SEEC solution for insurance is based on core SOA and XML standards and optimizes core application capabilities for insurance stakeholders, including underwriters, claims handlers, agents and call center representative.

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Survey: Financial CIOs Rank Top IT Needs, Performers for 2011

Financial CIOs and fellow IT execs are willing boost IT spending on solutions that will let them process larger amounts of data, and do it more quickly and reliably. Managed solutions, cloud and complex event process (CEP) are top candidates, according to a Bloomberg survey of IT heavyweights.

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Fitch: 2009 ‘Integration’ Spending May Prove a Bright Spot

As the economic downturn enters 2009, IT spending for integration-focused software, consulting and systems integration may prove to be the bright spot. The prediction comes from the 2009 Fitch Outlook, an IT spending projection from worldwide credit watcher Fitch Ratings.

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Survey: SOA Budgets Average $1.4M in 2007

AMR Research says the average spending on a SOA project hit $1.4 million last year. The figure was released as part of AMR's "SOA Spending Report: 2007-2008," which surveyed IT executives in the U.S. Germany and even China.

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ThinkTank Explores How Web Services Can Cut Coding Costs

Some of the nation's best-known financial companies will meet in New York next week to explore how standards-based web services (and related open standards) can speed up projects by cutting the amount of code it takes developers to launch or modify a business process. Get an overview of the event, and some insight into how Merrill Lynch is using open standards to cut costs.

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  • Gordon Haff, Cloud Evangelist