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StoredIQ Manages Unstructured Data in SharePoint, Exchange 2010

StoredIQ’s latest appliance for unstructured data management adds supports for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Exchange 2010 and brings e-discovery, tagging, information governance and dynamic search to business content.  

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SOAP Cleaned Up for Real-World Deployments

The SOAP scum is clearing up. After rigorous testing, fixing and review, the W3C says a final SOAP 1.2 spec could be out next month. Further, the legal clouds that hung over royalty-free SOAP have dissipated, as the vendors threatening to sue for property rights have changed their minds. See our report on what W3C says is real, along with code samples.

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W3C Enters Uncertain Waters with New Workflow Group

This month, the W3C officially began the process of exploring standards for Choreography -- the way web services will exchange business rules for workflow within an enterprise and between businesses. But even before the new working group holds its first meeting, political and technical rifts among vendors could cloud the work's immediate impact.

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