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ActiveBPEL Engine Gains XQuery, JavaScript

An upgraded ActiveBPEL Business Process Execution Language engine is now available for free download. Upgrades included XQuery and JavaScript support, as well as code samples and a number of other key ease-of-use features for devs to get into business process projects for web services. IDN takes a look at the new features and provides links to code and documentation.

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Embedded Dev Wages Spike, Job Index Says

Wages for devs with expertise in embedded systems spiked in Q3 2005, according to the latest IT survey data from the Yoh Index of Technology Wages. Overall, appdev wages remained strong for .NET, Java, C/C++ and DBA skills. IDN provides the Yoh latest stats, and shows the changes from Q2.

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Architect, Dev Employment Strong, Wages Flat

A major compensation index study for F500 firms finds a mixed picture for architects, devs. While employment rates are the highest they've been since 2001, wages have remained virtually flat during that 4-year period - rising only about 5% during the entire period. Take a look at the latest hot job sectors, and the average hourly wages for those skills, thanks to the Yoh Index of Technology Wages.

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SOA Integration Java Specs Due Midyear

After over 2 years of vendor discussion, Sonic's Dave Chappell says 2005 will finally see the adoption of JSR-208 (Java Business Integration), which will set the stage for a new wave of Java-based integratable components. See why Chappell says JBI will make it easier for Java/J2EE architects and developers will find it easier to implement cutting-edge SOA-driven solutions.

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Financial Developers Gain Better Legacy Access

Enterprise developers in the financial sector will find one legacy vendor is making it easier to build web services that connect to legacy applications. Misys' Midas straight-through processing system, used by more than 800 banks and financial institutions worldwide, has opened up the gates to back-end data, applications and workflow through support for XML, SOAP, Java and VB/ASP. See what's bankable for web services development in the new release.

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Developer's Guide to SOAP Clients

Here's one of most developer-friendly SOAP building sites we've come across -- for just about any developer (Java, VB/.NET, C++ or Perl).

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