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Akira Brings Java Unity to Mobile Devs

Akira Technologies' Publisher 2.0 looks to take a bite out of the complexity of mobile development but cutting hassle of device incompatibility, offering readers that downloads with the content (or app), and crafting a special set of cross-device common Java APIs. IDN takes a look.

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Microsoft Offers ASP.NET Starter Kits, WebMatrix Tools

For devs that want to get deep with ASP.NET features, Microsoft has released its biggest set yet of free code, templates and downloads - and even made it attractive to tweak and share by making it available under a very non-restrictive license. See what Microsoft is making available, free and with few sharing restrictions.

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The Best of SOAP Tools and Info -- 2003

With the W3C weeks away from certifying SOAP 1.2 as a standard, Integration Developer News thought it timely to offer a Quick List reference to some of the best known, and most used, SOAP support tools available. Take a quick survey of the web's best resources for downloads and info on SOAP 1.2 ranging from Apache to SoapBuilders, to Soapware to Microsoft (for free stuff).

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