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BEA Hands Workshop App Framework to Apache

BEA is open-sourcing the development framework, or runtime, of WebLogic Workshop, BEA's J2EE development tool that looks to combine application development, integration and web services tasks in a single IDE. BEA execs say that they want to speed J2EE skills development industry-wide, but admit that a too-slow JSR standardization process, and an effort to seed the market with more Weblogic-savvy devs were also part of their thinking.

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IBM, Sun To Summit Over "Open" Java

IBM says they'll meeting with Sun next week to discuss creating a more "open" Java. News of the meeting follows months of failed attempts between IBM and Sun to unify over an "open" Java tools standards. But, Sun's software VP Jonathan Schwartz called IBM's plan "bonky." Word of the meeting follows an "open letter" sent by IBM to Sun asking to work together on such a project.

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Java Devs React To Middleware Co's Site for .NET

The Middleware Company, creator and manager of, a leading online community for enterprise Java/J2EE devs, has launched a .NET version of its site. TheServerSide.NET is the first non-Java project launched by The Middleware Co. since its founding in 1998. See why The Middleware Co. feels now is the time to support .NET news and discussion - And why many Java devs welcome the outreach -- and many don't.

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Why Poor "Tool-ability" Is Hurting Java

A group of leading Java vendors, including Sun, Oracle and BEA, are making the case that Java tools have become too complex and too expensive to build. To help solve the problem, 10 leading Java tools vendors have formed a community to focus on improving Java's "tool-ability." IDN looks at the JTC efforts, why IBM and Borland aren't on-board and what others say about Java's Future.

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SharpDevelop Open Source C# Toolkit Upgrade Available

A free Open Source IDE for C# and VB.NET projects called #develop (SharpDevelop) launches a free upgrade to its toolkit this week, which developers can download beginning September 22. The free toolkit makes writing C# code simpler by providing developers several key features, including a syntax-highlighting editor, auto-generator for VB.NET and C# code, and identifying compilation errors in source code. IDN spoke with #develop developer Christoph Wille to get a rundown of the features and improvements.

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