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Microsoft, Progress, CA, Others Agree on WS-* for Devices

OASIS has approved new standards to bring SOA/web services to peripherals, consumer electronics, and various instruments for smart apps. The three new standards are supported by Microsoft, Progress Software, CA, Software AG, Rde Hat and other OASIS members.

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OASIS Bears Down on ‘Last Mile’ SCA Specs

Many top names in SOA -- IBM, BEA, Oracle, Progress Software and others - say it is time to develop a fuller suite of specs for Service Component Architecture (SCA). OASIS is taking up the charge by forming 6 new committees to create test plans, test cases, and scenarios for important last-mile specs. IDN takes a look.

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End Users To Gain Voice in SOA Blueprints

Finally, it appears that enterprise end users will get their chance to influence the creation of SOA Blueprints for the real world. IDN examines the results of the first OASIS meeting, where vendors of products and services will now work closely with leading enterprise end user firms in banking, manufacturing and other sectors.

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OASIS Eyes Open Web Services Management Specs

There's good news this week for those Java and .Net developers and sysadmins who want vendors to pay more attention to developing open standards for managing end-to-end web services. OASIS continues to push an agenda for cross-platform, web services management standards.

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SAML 1.0 is Adopted - What Developers Can Expect

More than 200 security and web services vendor members of OASIS have approved specs for SAML 1.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language). The approval, with no dissenting vote, sets in motion a standards-based movement for providing a common framework for web services security. But, while SAML 1.0 spells out the specs and the schema for web services identity management and single sign-on, it does not say how hundreds of vendors will implement the standard or even test for compliance and vendor-to-vendor interoperability. This week, Integration Developer News takes a hard look what SAML 1.0 provides, what's missing, and the willingness of vendors to fill in the gaps.

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OASIS Explores Protocol To Manage B2B Web Services

OASIS has taken on another massive project that could further define the role -- and architecture -- of web services in the B2B arena. A new committee, called the OASIS Management Protocol Technical Committee, is taking on the task of defining a new inter-enterprise protocol that would enable developers and sysadmins to build, monitor and manage web services interactions between companies. IDN interviews the chair of the committee to get an outlook of their goals for the upcoming months.

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