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ActiveBPEL Engine Gains XQuery, JavaScript

An upgraded ActiveBPEL Business Process Execution Language engine is now available for free download. Upgrades included XQuery and JavaScript support, as well as code samples and a number of other key ease-of-use features for devs to get into business process projects for web services. IDN takes a look at the new features and provides links to code and documentation.

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Countdown to BPEL Begins - A Dev's FAQ

Controversy is giving way to simple hard work on BPEL4WS, the proposed orchestration standard for web services supported by both Java and .NET vendors. BEA and IBM have jointly submitted BPELJ, a plan to implement BPEL for Java J2EE -- so devs could be working with business process across Java and .NET apps by year end. All the while, Java vendors say they'll keep touch with Microsoft to make sure BPEL works with .NET. Get the details on a busy BPEL summer.

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W3C Enters Uncertain Waters with New Workflow Group

This month, the W3C officially began the process of exploring standards for Choreography -- the way web services will exchange business rules for workflow within an enterprise and between businesses. But even before the new working group holds its first meeting, political and technical rifts among vendors could cloud the work's immediate impact.

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