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Dell Boomi Exec Says Architects, SIs Exploring New Cloud Integration Options

Five months after Dell acquired Boomi, the cloud integrator continues to add connectors and datamaps for SaaS integration. Meanwhile, IT architects and SI are exploring how the new Dell Boomi can help integrate their private clouds, B2B and multi-point on-premise/cloud projects.  IDN speaks with Dell Boomi CTO Rick Nucci.

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Boomi Eases Data Mapping with Power of Cloud, Community

Boomi’s latest upgrade to its AtomSphere cloud integration platform marries the power of cloud and community to make data mapping easier and more productive. IDN looks at Boomi’s Atmopshere Summer '10 release, which includes a ‘suggest’ feature to let customers tap the expertise of some 5,000 data mapping projects.

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SOA Software’s Atmosphere To Unify SOA, Cloud Governance

SOA Software is creating a unified approach to SOA-cloud governance called Atmosphere, which should let IT professionals trying to tie together SOA and cloud projects breathe easier.  Atmosphere products will start to roll out early in 2010, company officials said.

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