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Iona Pushes ESB Integration, Interop Envelop

Iona Technologies showed JavaOne attendees how the latest Java-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technologies will push capabilities for cross-platform integration and interop. Iona, with Sun, Oracle, and SAP, showed how an ESB with Java Business Integration (JBI) can ease data sharing among apps, and smooth interop between Java and .NET components.

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The Challenge of .NET/Java Interop -- sans SOA

An increasing number of F1000 firms are looking for ways to easily get their Java/J2EE and .NET assets to better cooperate. It is a world rich with new standards and emerging technologies for web services, SOA and other "sharing" options for data and business rules. Henrich Gantenbein, a Solutions Architect with Avanade, a leading web services and integration firm, offers some valuable advice.

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How ESBs Fill Web Services Management Gaps

While XML and WS-I standards continue to evolve to support enterprise-caliber web services, another piece is growing in importance. The Enterprise Service Bus is poised to provide needed manageability and visibility to service-driven integrations, says one seasoned Java and .NET technologist. Further, ESB architectures may provide interop options, as they begin to play big roles in Microsoft's .NET framework.

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Hands-On Scenarios for Starting SOA

Clark Richey, a Principal Systems Engineer with BEA, takes architects and developers through hands-on SOA user scenarios in Part II of his SOA series for Integration Developer News. Learn how to map your SOA plan to your current IT architectures -- client / server, web services and service-oriented.

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SAP To Better Link IT with Business Analysts

SAP execs see a huge uptick in F2000 SOA projects that can lower the cost of developing or adjusting code to meet business needs. That means developers and architects will need more than Java, .NET and XML technology skills, they say. Take a look at SAP's 2-year Enterprise Service Architecture approach, which looks to 'connect-the-dots' between IT assets a company's business goals.

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ESA: A 2005 'Business-Savvy' Take on SOAs

During 2005, demand for SOA-savvy architects and developers is poised to explode, says leading enterprise software maker SAP. But, to enjoy a huge upside, these SOA experts will need more than Java, .NET and XML technology skills. See why SAP says F1000 firms will clamor for ESA (Enterprise Service Architecture) experts who can 'connect-the-dots' between IT assets a company's business goals.

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2 More Steps Forward for Java Mobile Devs

Sun, along with Nokia, Orange, Vodafone and other leading Java-enabled handset makers and mobile carriers, are taking steps to help push bigger and better mobile apps development in Java/J2ME. Take a closer look at new JSRs for making Java app dev more portable across handsets. Also, Sun starts the countdown on the January 2005 requirement for all Java mobile apps to pass through the Java Verified testing and certification program.

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Borland's SOA Push -- JBuilder 2005 and Beyond

Learn how Borland's JBuilder 2005's Web Services Designer, shipping next month, is only the first step in Borland's plan to assist Java/J2EE developers "bridge the gap" between Java/J2EE and SOA skills. Integration Developer News spoke with Borland's chief scientist for developer tools Rick Nadler to learn more about WSD and Borland's future SOA tools.

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A Dev's View Inside the Enterprise Service Bus

Go in-depth with Dave Chappell in an Q&A on ESBs on the eve of the release of his O'Reilly book on the Enterprise Service Bus. Integration Developer News spoke with Chappell to get insights on how ESBs work, and more importantly, how they may change how Java devs look at XML, XPath, messaging and transaction-driven integration projects.

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Dev Guide to 2004 Opps in SOA, XML Projects

A new report from ZapThink says that 2004 will see a dramatic rise in the size, nature and breadth of service-oriented projects, and makes suggestions for how enterprise devs, especially those with Java and .NET credentials, should hone their skills to take advantage of the trends. Get some tips on the hot skills for 2004.

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Zapthink Preps Devs for Coming SOA, XML Future

A new report from ZapThink says that 2004 will see a dramatic rise in the size, nature and breadth of service-oriented projects, and makes suggestions for how enterprise devs, especially those with Java and .NET credentials, should hone their skills to take advantage of the trends. Get some tips on the hot skills for 2004.

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10 Vendors Offer Versions of WS-I Sample App

The Web Services Interoperability Organization has issued its first WS-I Sample Application, and immediately 10 major vendors, including Microsoft, BEA, IBM among others, released their implementations. Both the WS-I sample app and the vendors' implementations are available for download and review.

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