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The Challenge of .NET/Java Interop -- sans SOA

An increasing number of F1000 firms are looking for ways to easily get their Java/J2EE and .NET assets to better cooperate. It is a world rich with new standards and emerging technologies for web services, SOA and other "sharing" options for data and business rules. Henrich Gantenbein, a Solutions Architect with Avanade, a leading web services and integration firm, offers some valuable advice.

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Orange Code Camp Spurs Mobile Apps

During the first U.S. Based Orange Code Camp, some 250 devs received NDA-caliber updates from Symbian, Microsoft, Palm, Research in Motion among others. And, Orange received some 110 new mobile application candidates for their growing catalogue. See how Orange, one of the largest mobile carriers in Europe and Asia, is helping mobile developers bring solutions to market.

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Web Services Update "Screen Scraping"

Web services are presenting Java and NET developers new easy-to-learn opportunities to access and integrate with valuable legacy assets, according to a growing number of enterprise apps professionals. See why non-programmatic approaches, including even screen scraping could boost career opps for Java and .NET enterprise devs.

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Hands-On Scenarios for Starting SOA

Clark Richey, a Principal Systems Engineer with BEA, takes architects and developers through hands-on SOA user scenarios in Part II of his SOA series for Integration Developer News. Learn how to map your SOA plan to your current IT architectures -- client / server, web services and service-oriented.

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SAP To Better Link IT with Business Analysts

SAP execs see a huge uptick in F2000 SOA projects that can lower the cost of developing or adjusting code to meet business needs. That means developers and architects will need more than Java, .NET and XML technology skills, they say. Take a look at SAP's 2-year Enterprise Service Architecture approach, which looks to 'connect-the-dots' between IT assets a company's business goals.

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Java Repository APIs Adopted in Open CMS

The first J2EE Content Management System to come with support the Java Content Repository API (JSR-170) is available for download and use. Magnolia 2.0's support of JSR-170 means that content from different systems can be easily combined or copied. Another key, magnolia is an Open Source Java CMS, freely available for download from Obinary, a Swiss-based development group.

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Top IT Trials To Burst "Go Live" Logjam

The longest IT logjam in 20 years is about to break free, says John Goodson, a vice president of production operations for DataDirect Technologies. After long periods of testing and stalling, IT's biggest 'pet theories' in 2005 will finally get into full-scale, real-life enterprise production, Goodson predicts. See which ones Goodson says have the best upside.

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ESA: A 2005 'Business-Savvy' Take on SOAs

During 2005, demand for SOA-savvy architects and developers is poised to explode, says leading enterprise software maker SAP. But, to enjoy a huge upside, these SOA experts will need more than Java, .NET and XML technology skills. See why SAP says F1000 firms will clamor for ESA (Enterprise Service Architecture) experts who can 'connect-the-dots' between IT assets a company's business goals.

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Rich Internet Apps To Tie SOA To Desktops

In 2005, Rich Internet Apps (RIAs) will be an important key to unlocking the power of end-to-end SOAs, says Scott Cranton, an IT architect and consultant. See how RIAs will bring "loose coupling" between desktops and middle-tier services, and forge the crucial "last mile" link between PCs and next-gen SOA back office apps.

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Five IT Pilots Going 'Production Grade' in '05

The major theme for the year ahead will be turning some of IT's biggest 'pet theories' into full-scale, real-life production assets, says John Goodson, a vice president of production operations for DataDirect Technologies. See which IT trial balloons Goodson says will get swift upward momentum, and how architects and senior devs can benefit.

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Akira Brings Java Unity to Mobile Devs

Akira Technologies' Publisher 2.0 looks to take a bite out of the complexity of mobile development but cutting hassle of device incompatibility, offering readers that downloads with the content (or app), and crafting a special set of cross-device common Java APIs. IDN takes a look.

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Demystifying SOA: An Architect's, Dev Guide

2005 is setting up to be a banner year for SOA -- Services Oriented Architectures. This week Integration Developer News begins a series on SOA for architects and developers, with an eye toward looking at how to prepare your IT enterprise -- and your careers. This week a look at the core concepts of SOA, and why they can let architects/devs be more creative with less risk.

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