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Cloud Blueprinting: A Developer’s Map to Innovation

The rapidly-developing world of clouds is pushing developers and IT operations to design fast – and deliver even faster.  A new concept of ‘cloud blueprinting’ is helping IT keep pace – and even recapture more time and freedom to innovate. Accenture’s Rodrigo Flores explains, and even shares some examples.

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Accenture Finds Uncle Sam is Still Struggling with ‘Cloud First’ Adoption

Three years after the Obama Administration mandated that federal agencies take a ‘Cloud First’ approach to launching apps, Uncle Sam is still facing hurdles, including staff challenges and long procurement timelines, according to a survey released by Accenture.

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U.S. Navy, Marines Look To BPM for ‘A Few (More) Good Processes’

The U.S. Navy and Marines aren’t just looking for a few good men. Commanders also want more and better business processes and workflow systems they can deploy to improve financial controls.  To achieve this, they will invest some $30 million in BPM and related technologies.

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Accenture Acquires Provider of Pegasystems’ BPM Services

This fall, Accenture continues to broaden its portfolio of BPM services with its acquisition of Knowledge Rules Inc., a Philadelphia-based consulting company that implements and integrates business solutions based on Pegasystems’ Business Process Management (BPM) software. 

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Accenture: U.S. Execs Focus on Business Analytics

Despite the financial slowdown, some two-thirds of executives working at large U.S. companies say they need to improve their analytical capabilities, and about half admit they need to add IT capabilities and personnel to support business analytics, according to recent survey by Accenture.

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