OpenLegacy Speeds Legacy Connectivity, Solution Delivery with New OEM Program

OpenLegacy is offering a partnership program to help ISVs and solution providers quickly deliver API or serverless functions from complex legacy systems.

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OpenLegacy, a company focused on digital-driven integration for legacy and core systems, is offering a partnership program for ISVs and solution providers.


OpenLegacy handles the tasks of making it easier to create APIs or serverless functions from complex legacy systems. The technologies allow partners to help customers more quickly and easily leverage legacy systems to deliver new digital innovations - both on-premises and in the cloud.


The OpenLegacy’s OEM Partner Program aims to improve time-to-market for software vendors looking to expand their offerings' integration capabilities.


“Without a productized integration approach, implementations are delayed resulting in dissatisfied customers, budget overruns, and potential deferred revenue recognition for ISVs if tied to the successful go-live of their offering,” OpenLegacy execs said in part in their statement.

Highlights of OpenLegacy OEM Program

OpenLegacy described today’s marketplace needs to launch the OEM partner program this way:


"80% of business data is stored in mainframes and other hard-to-get-at core systems. But software and solution providers that cater to enterprise customers with legacy environments often struggle to access that data—limiting the scope and power of their solutions. A lack of pre-built connectivity puts the burden of responsibility on enterprise customers to surface the required data and integrate it seamlessly into a provider’s solution."


OpenLegacy’s OEM Program offers a rich suite of partnership benefits and a flexible commercial framework to enhance and fast-track your product offering. Some of its benefits include:

  • Access to the partner portal, pre-production software license, and product documentation
  • Pre-production product integration support through our R&D early access program
  • Discounted access to training and services rates for both OEM partner and end-customers
  • Option to enroll in our Rapid Enablement Program with onboarding assistance for up to first three customers to ensure customer success and bring the know-how in-house.
  • Round-the-clock backline support for production distributions; premium and mission critical support available
  • Product advisory board participation and co-marketing support

OpenLegacy API Platform Feature, Benefits

Technologically, OpenLegacy features and benefits let users:


Get Better API Performance - With direct-to-legacy connections, OpenLegacy lets users avoid complex layers of technology, which means a dramatic boost API performance.


Deploy Faster With More Options  - With just one step, users can deploy as cloud-based serverless functions or microservice-based APIs that live on premises, in the cloud, or both.


Create APIs Faster -  With Automatic Code Generation, users can quickly generate digital services from more than 50 types of back-end systems. With intelligent automation, OpenLegacy eliminates the needs for developer teams to have special skills to work with legacy systems.
Under the covers, users benefit from automatic Java generation of microservice-based APIs, as well as automatic generation of nodeJS serverless functions. Work product is also easily customizable with included templates for automation of customer-specific APIs Developer teams need only have Java or nodeJS skills to work with OpenLegacy. It even makes it easy to generate COBOL code from API specs.


OpenLegacy’s OEM Program follows the company’s partner program initiative. This program offers several benefits, including:

  • Ability to fast-track digital transformations while focusing on your core competencies.    
  • Ways to accelerate integrations with legacy (core) systems to extend product/solution offering or in direct support of your customers
  • Rapid delivery by automating the generation of cloud-native microservice-based APIs or serverless functions, easily deployable in containers or any environment you choose


Early members of the OpenLegacy OEM and partner programs highlighted some benefits:

Early OpenLegacy Partner, OEM Program Wins for APIs, BPM

At BigID,  a data intelligence form focused on privacy and security, William Murphy, vice president of technology alliances reported efficiencies with OpenLegacy’s pre-built APIs.


“By embedding OpenLegacy’s industry-leading prebuilt APIs, we’re able to build upon our platform’s strength and provide more complete sensitive data governance and faster time to regulatory compliance for customers with significant legacy dependency,” Murphy said in a statement. The BigID/ OpenLegacy solution enables customers to automatically discover, classify, and manage highly-regulated industry data to support sustainable privacy and protection, he added.  


Also, low-code BPM platform provider ProcessMaker reported benefits. “ProcessMaker empowers business users to rapidly design and deploy solutions to complex workflow problems in weeks, not months, with a low-code approach,” said Brian Reale, CEO at ProcessMaker. “By joining the OpenLegacy OEM Partner Program, we further expand the reach and ease of use of our intelligent business process management (iBPMs) software platform to some of the most complex legacy environments, solving a key challenge for enterprise customers across verticals such as banking, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, higher education or telecom sectors.”