MontyCloud Ships Update to DAY2 for Intelligent, Automated Cloud Operations

MontyCloud is shipping its DAY2 no-code environment to let customers build, deploy and run well-managed infrastructure and operations. It aims to support consistent provisioning with just a few clicks.

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Cloud management platform firm MontyCloud is shipping the latest edition of a SaaS-based intelligent platform. DAY2 enables intelligent applications and autonomous cloud operations.


MontyCloud’s DAY2 provides a no-code environment that lets customers build, deploy and run well-managed infrastructure and operations. It aims to allow enterprise IT teams to consistently provision compliant and operations-ready application environments -- in just a few clicks.


“With DAY2, enterprise IT teams can quickly deliver intelligent cloud operations, accelerate innovation and reduce operations costs,” said MontyCloud CEO Venkat Krishnamachari in a statement. “Our investments in a cloud-native, event-driven platform helps our customers to gain full control all the way from the cloud infrastructure to applications and operational aspects.”


This approach to intelligence operations is coupled with DAY2’s “no-code automations in business context,” Krishnamachari added.


DAY2 enables lets teams:

  • Provision cost-efficient, compliant and operations ready cloud accounts, resources, and services on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Get continuous visibility into cloud server and serverless resources, across all their accounts and regions
  • Automate management & compliance of server workloads in AWS and other cloud environments
  • Deploy well-architected application patterns into operations ready, intelligent applications & services, and
  • Boot strap current IT teams for intelligent cloud Ops with a library of extensible automated tasks


Available as a SaaS offering, DAY2 is designed to leverage no code automation to modernize cloud management, according to MontyCloud. “Unlike legacy cloud management platforms, customers no longer have to deploy custom agents and management servers in their environments," added Krishnamachari in a statement.


As a result, IT teams can consistently provision compliant and operations-ready application environments in just a few clicks, he said.


DAY2 comes with a library of re-usable, well-architected blueprints. These allow teams to provision intelligent apps built with a wide range of Amazon services, including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon ElasticSearch, Amazon RedShift, Amazon RDS, Amazon Kafka, Amazon EMR, and containerized applications using Amazon ECS and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS).


Once deployed, customers can view and operate their applications in the context of their business, such as departments and environment types such as test, staging and production. Applications provisioned by DAY2 come with resource monitoring, self-service automations for relevant routine tasks, and easily integrated internal and external services such as Slack, Krishnamachari added.


Customers can also use DAY2 to instantly discover and manage Windows & Linux Server virtual machines (VMs) running in AWS and other cloud environments.


Users can also schedule uptime/downtime, create snapshots, tag, scan, patch, enforce desired state configuration, and enable fully audited secure remote access into VMs without bastion hosts or SSH Keys.


MontyCloud’s partners at Amazon are enthusiastic about the technology.


“DAY2 extends AWS Management and Governance features to scale connectivity and centrally administer cloud resources on AWS. We are delighted to be working with MontyCloud to help customers simplify their cloud operations,” Siva Padisetty, general manager, AWS Systems Manager at Amazon Web Services said in a statement.


Early reaction from users shows the promise of MontyCloud’s approach.


Jasmin Patel, St Louis University’s assistant vice president for research strategy and Innovation, noted: “MontyCloud’s DAY2 has helped us achieve automated provisioning and enabled intelligent operations of AWS resources and applications that power our research team. . . .Thanks to MontyCloud, we have reclaimed over 30% of our productive time and we are able to focus more on our research and innovations.”