Virtual Instruments Updates AIOps Platform for Hybrid Environments

Virtual Instruments is updating its hybrid IT infrastructure management and AIOps platform with new features to assure high-performance apps and infrastructure.  VirtualWisdom 6.2 reveals how infrastructure components support the performance, health and utilization of each app.

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Virtual Instruments is updating its VirtualWisdom hybrid IT infrastructure management and AIOps platform adds several capabilities to assure high-performance of apps and infrastructure.


VirtualWisdom AIOps approach delivers a full-stack, application-centric view of any hybrid infrastructure to help users better understand infrastructure and application interrelationships. Users can also map each app to their underlying shared infrastructure across servers/VMs, networks, and storage.


In short, the idea is to reveal to stakeholders which components of a hybrid infrastructure support the performance, health and utilization of each application. It also shows the infrastructure’s overall operations and capacity.  Such details can let users reduce infrastructure costs, gain greater business agility and accelerate innovation throughout the organization.


VirtualWisdom 6.2 adds features to improve its ability to discover and precisely maps apps to the underlying infrastructure to better understand how the two work (or don’t work) together. It’s latest AI updates even can discern both business value and SLAs for each app, according to Virtual Instruments senior vice president of products Tim Van Ash. 


“Devising an effective hybrid infrastructure management strategy is challenging enough. But enterprises must also navigate the overwhelming scale and complexity associated with these highly virtualized, hybrid and multi-cloud environments,” Van Ash noted.  “The future of IT operations is autonomous: enterprises need IT operations that never fail to deliver mission-critical services, which adapt to business innovation, and consume resources ever more efficiently.”


How Virtual Wisdom AIOps Differs from Traditional Silo-Based Monitoring

The AIOps approach differs from traditional ways of monitoring, Van Ash added, where many enterprises have implemented monitoring tools in a siloed fashion. These silos can limit visibility into performance, health, and utilization of their infrastructure and how they work to support apps.  Such limited visibility also limits control, Van Ash adds,  which can result in sub-optimal application delivery, poor performance, unmet SLAs and other deficiencies, he added.  

Meanwhile, Virtual Instruments’ Van Ash also shared his view on the current and future role of AIOps in a statement.


“As the scope of enterprises’ hybrid infrastructure management needs has expanded, we have continued to expand the breadth of our monitoring and inject meaningful AIOps capabilities into the VirtualWisdom platform. With the new VirtualWisdom [platform], we are enabling enterprises to truly harness the power of AI and machine learning, with a view towards the automated IT operations of tomorrow,” he said.  

Other notable features in VirtualWisdom 6.2 include:  


VirtualWisdom Workload RightSizer: This intelligent VM placement analytic automatically “rightsize” VMs by scaling them up or down across an entire application, helping assure service delivery and business value.


Workload Drift Analyzer: VirtualWisdom determines when changes in application workload behavior are anomalous -- and are impacting outcomes or performance.  It can also detect when application changes are also the cause of performance issues.


Dell EMC Isilon Integration:  This integration ensures Isilon cluster performance at scale by bringing industry-leading performance analysis to Dell EMC Isilon environments. The new integration has been validated against the world’s largest production Isilon clusters monitoring hundreds of nodes in a single VirtualWisdom instance.


Predictive Capacity Management: VirtualWisdom has native capability to monitor, report, forecast, and trigger alarms against a capacity consumption rate. In specific, the “capacity forecast” alarm allows customers to specify how many days, weeks, or months, they wish to be notified before potential capacity exhaustion on nodes or clusters.


Granular, Heterogenous, Agentless Monitoring: This allows for non-intrusive tracking of every transaction and I/O request. This lets users more deeply view the relationships (such as response time impacts) between an application’s behavior and infrastructure changes.


Cross-Silo Correlation and AI-Based Analytics: This leverages machine learning to correlate and analyze wire and machine data in the context of the application. This empowers users to find and resolve performance problems and optimize utilization proactively.


Updated Dashboards to be More Proactive: VirtualWisdom now deliver “smart charts” with support for annotation, linking, and smart naming; and live topology views that are specific to infrastructure or applications.


As to functionality,  Virtual Instruments provides customers visibility and control that lets them:

  • Set up different policies per tier;
  • Control the amount of CPU and memory for each VM (virtual machine), host or cluster;
  • Analyze utilization and over-subscription; and
  • Access a rich set of detailed, granular data.

One analyst sees lots of merit to an AIOps approach, especially for complex hybrid environments. 


“Considering enterprises’ persistent need for today’s mission-critical enterprise applications to be available at all times, infrastructure issues must be resolved in near real-time to avoid impacting the business and its customers,” said Bob Laliberte, Practice Director and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.


“AIOps is rapidly becoming enterprises’ path to managing the exponentially increasing scale and complexity of their hybrid infrastructures,” he added, “but enterprises need to be able to implement AIOps-based monitoring solutions within the context and flow of their business.”


Laliberte assessed VirtualWisdom’s ability to address these issues, noting it “will help enterprises apply the machine intelligence and expert systems needed to reap the benefits of AIOps-supported hybrid infrastructure management.”


VirtualWisdom 6.2 is available now